Remembering Courtney D. Smith – A Tribute to the Remarkable Market Wizard 

In the trading world, there are rare individuals whose wisdom and guidance leave a lasting impact. Courtney D. Smith, a veteran market wizard, was one such legend. Though he flew under the radar and had a modest social media presence, he had a devoted following of students and an impressive track record spanning over 50 years as a professional trader.

Courtney was not just a trading coach but a mentor who shaped many investors’ early journeys into the financial markets. Even if you were initially sceptical about forex trading, his relaxed demeanour and unconventional appearance instantly put you at ease once you attended his seminars. An encounter with him would change your perception and even the course of your life.

Over the years, through his ten books on trading, Courtney taught us the fundamentals of rules-based trend-following systems, emphasizing the importance of reading price charts, spotting breakouts, and managing risk systematically. His teachings resonated with students, and because of this, he became the most sought-after investment trainer in the world, successfully training over 100,000 people on how to make money on trading. With Courtney’s books, courses, and guidance, you can transform a small loan into a significant sum and secure your financial future.

Courtney Smith’s contributions to the world of trading are vast and varied. As the Chairman of Wealthbuilder LLC, he dedicated himself to building great investors by providing training and mentoring in stocks, options, futures, and foreign exchange. His efforts have touched the lives of tens of thousands of individuals, shaping their understanding of the financial markets.

Among his notable achievements was the establishment of, where he served as the head. This platform further exemplified his commitment to educating and empowering traders to make informed decisions in the options market. Through his work, we have seen the rise of such sites, including TradingGuide.

Courtney Smith’s expertise extended beyond education and mentoring. He was the Editor and Publisher of the Wall Street Winners stock newsletter, which achieved remarkable success. Hulbert Financial Digest ranked him the most profitable stock newsletter for five consecutive years. His insights and recommendations provided valuable guidance to investors.

In addition to his newsletter, Courtney Smith’s leadership as Chief Investment Officer and Chief Strategist of Orbltex Management, Inc. showcased his exceptional skills in managing funds. The Growth Fund, under his management, achieved the prestigious ranking of #1 in performance by Morningstar. His ability to navigate the financial landscape and consistently deliver impressive results set him apart as a true market wizard.

Throughout his career, Courtney Smith held prominent positions in various financial institutions. He served as President and CEO of Quantum Financial Services, Inc., the second-largest futures brokerage firm globally. He also held positions at Banca della Svizzera Italiana (BSI) and Banque Paribas, where he demonstrated his expertise in managing mutual funds, client accounts, and trading activities.

Courtney Smith’s impact reached beyond his professional achievements. He was an accomplished author, with seven books to his name, covering topics such as seasonal trading, commodity spreads, stock index futures, and options strategies. His insights and systems have provided traders with valuable tools and techniques to successfully navigate volatile markets.

As a sought-after speaker, Courtney Smith shared his knowledge and expertise at investment conferences worldwide. Tens of thousands of individuals benefited from his presentations, gaining valuable insights into trading strategies, risk management, and trading psychology.

Courtney Smith’s influence extended to television, where he appeared on over 1000 shows, including renowned programs such as Wall Street Journal Report, Moneyline, CNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg, and CNN. His appearances allowed him to reach a broader audience and share his expertise with millions of viewers.

Among his notable works is the book “How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange,” where Courtney Smith provided solid Forex strategies for capturing profits in volatile markets. This book and others showcase his ability to simplify complex concepts and offer practical advice to traders.

Courtney D. Smith’s legacy as a remarkable market wizard will continue to inspire and guide traders for years. His commitment to education, impressive track record, and dedication to sharing his expertise have left an indelible mark on the trading community. As we honour his contributions, let us carry forward his wisdom and passion for trading, ensuring that his remarkable legacy resonates with future traders.

Even though he’s gone, his foundational beliefs remain with us. You may not have known him, but you can still learn his ideas, the value of rules-based trading plans to eliminate emotional reactions and the significance of risk management over profits. Trading in the direction of market momentum and treating trading as a business were principles that have guided many through turbulent market events. Most importantly, Courtney instilled in his students and readers the importance of humility, detachment from ego, and the understanding that the market is always greater than any individual.

Today, as we remember Courtney D. Smith, we pay tribute to his immense impact on the trading community. His teachings inspire traders, like many, to share knowledge and navigate financial markets with wisdom and sensibility. While trading can be a solitary and misunderstood pursuit, Courtney showed us that market success is attainable with discipline, knowledge, and adamant risk control.

As we reflect on Courtney’s legacy, let us carry forward his lessons and strive for excellence in our trading journeys. May we honour his teachings in his memory by becoming better traders and, ultimately, better human beings.