The Power of the Present

By Raaghav A

Love what you do. Do what you love. Both are two sides of the same coin representing the intangible currency of new found freedom, and it’s that simple. Nothing is more influential than your thoughts; nothing can affect your emotions, feelings, actions and life style more than your thoughts. They are entities in the form of energies, which can neither be created nor destroyed. They are infinite in amount and traverse at the speed of light, floating in the endless seas of the world. Existing instinctively and seemingly naturally, they are free in their own right. Such a wonderful thing, to have that which trumps all else in terms of influence and power!

Thoughts can change our feelings, emotions and even lifestyle. Photo Courtesy: Visual Hunt

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Thoughts are mere tools to be used when required, not a self-created burden to dictate the course of your life path.[/su_pullquote]

However, for all their power, there is a reason why your thoughts may not always flow and breathe in your best stead and interest. Unfortunately, it’s common in a today with wondrous things to live for, but also lots of noise to live with. In short, I feel that the quote “I think, therefore I am.”, is the opposite of what the point is. Thoughts are a wonderful thing to have. But they are mere tools to be used when required, not a self-created burden to dictate the course of your life path!

The first and the most critical mistake is the easy assumption that knowing this is the same as living it. It’s not! You must let the belief within your inner “being” bloom and blossom on the wonderful path it creates, a step at a time. May you live with a great sense of acceptance of your thoughts, taking the positivity from them and utilizing them to believe anything is possible if you choose it to be, through doing. Not thinking. Believe with every ounce of energy in your inevitable happiness and bliss, because it is inevitable. If you truly believe that nothing is unattainable, nothing can ever fetter you. Since you would be a being of infinite depth and potential, you would be pervasively victorious in the best manner possible, come what may.

And with that and only that, do. Doing and pursuing endeavours and their end result and success are not measured by material things like having money, cars, homes or being the smartest person around. It does not revolve around having a problem free life. It’s not about having at all, it’s just about doing.

Life is not about having, but about doing. Photo Courtesy: Flickr

Whether you’re white water rafting in the midst of a grade 6 rapid, struggling at the anti climax of an examination, coming back home after a less than great day at work or just being with people in any form – If you remain solely concerned with the doing, and not having or thinking, you “do” it better, you have more fun, you garner a positive attitude, make more of a difference to yourself and others and feel a sense of fulfillment that only partaking in said activity or endeavour be it a sport, art, work, academics or any other field.

The funniest thing is that life and everything it brings becomes easier and flows naturally and smoothly when you are having a great time “doing”!

This brings us back to the opening lines, “Love what you do and do what you love”. Using them both together is not redundant and living with the essence of these lines in all facets of life is a sure shot way to great success and unfathomable, unshakable inner happiness, from the sheer balance and holistic reach that one achieves by enhancing themselves to immeasurable heights, by branching out in the direction of the sun, connecting with the gentle breeze and birds, bearing success in lush green leaves and ripe fruits and touching other’s lives in a close knit, yet so paradoxically infinite community of a forest of all seasons. And all the while gaining the necessary support from the roots with which you are grounded.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Time is endless but that does not mean one should get complacent about the present.[/su_pullquote]

It is a wonderful thing, a world with so many beings and things to cherish, enjoy and live for. Time is endless but that does not mean one should get complacent about the present. He or she should not think of the past nor worry about the future. It’s all about living in the “now” and doing what you love in an environment where there is so much to love. Because what will be, will be.

Nature takes its course and seasons change, people change and the hot sunny days turn to bath in the farmers favourite rich monsoons which give turn to a shedding for the new autumn leaves…leaving the world jacketed warmly in the cool dusk of a year, all to start over once again in an amazing spiral of possibilities; as sure as the sun rising in the morning to the sound of chirping birds, who are happy with the building of their nests and feeding their young, and consequently presenting a wonderful wake up call to you and all of us to join the club!

Raaghav A. studied at Vasant Valley School, Delhi and summer schooled at Oxford University, England. He completed his study of Economics at the London School of Economics International Programmes in Delhi, and is presently working as an analyst with AT Kearney. He has also had enriching experiences working for The Boston Consulting Group, CNBC, The Godrej Group and The Oberoi Group.

Featured Image Credits: Brandi Redd via Unsplash