Indian Navy’s Mission Bolsters Maritime Defence amid escalating Houthi threats and pirate menace in the Gulf of Aden.

To escalate its operations and actively safeguard maritime security against Houthi rebels and pirates in the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea region, the Indian Navy recently executed a sophisticated airborne mission.

This mission involved the para-dropping of MARCOS (Marine Commando Force, SF unit of the Indian Navy) and equipment from a C-130 military aircraft.

Starting from December 2023, prompted by Houthi rebels targeting commercial ships with missiles during the Israel-Hamas conflict and the subsequent resurgence of pirate activities, the Indian Navy significantly extended its presence from the Arabian Sea to the Gulf of Aden.

To address the evolving maritime security situation in the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea and ensure a prompt response to maritime threats, the Indian Navy carried out this airborne insertion of Special Forces.

This operation included paradropping inflatable crafts and MARCOs from a C-130 aircraft into the Arabian Sea, as part of the ongoing Anti-Piracy Operations in the region, according to a Navy statement issued on Monday.

The statement further underlined the Indian Navy’s unwavering commitment to the region’s safety and security of merchant shipping and seafarers.

Gulf of Aden