And we Launch!

Hello one and all. So, after a week of doing our best in publicizing this forum, we finally launch the website of TIE today.

This section, the Editorial, will largely be a platform ‘Authors’ will use for Opinion pieces on current affairs and conceptual articles. Simply put, this section will be more on the lines of what a typical multi-authored blog is like. We have intentionally categorized the entire website so that you can read what our ‘Contributors’ have to say and take the discussion further through our social networking platform (Click here) over at Facebook. The objective of this entire project is to help build an inclusive community of enthusiasts in the field of economics, finance and politics. I believe there is significant potential if ideas are discussed and debated more often than they are, these days.

The structure of the TIE forum shall be simple. Anyone and everyone can become a contributor and contribute articles directly to the website. Contributors have no time-bound commitments of writing or submitting pieces. In fact, we want this to be a forum where people write to express, not out of compulsion, but out of passion.

We understand that there will be many questions in the minds of the readers, and that is why we have put up a very simple FAQs page. Of course, you could send in any question you might have and you shall have a reply in no more than 36 hours!

Following a year which would probably go down in history as being synonymous to revolutionary in India’s post-Independence history, 2013 seems like a very promising year. From political revolutions to social revolutions, it is probably the coming of age of the Young India that this country has been dreaming of since the turn of the century.

I hope TIE can serve a purpose. Let’s have an amazing year ahead. Season’s greetings and a very happy new year!


PS. It would probably be an incomplete start to our journey if we don’t take a moment to acknowledge our sympathies and condolences towards the family of the unfortunate victim of an outrageously inhuman incident that shocked our country on the 16th of December this past year. I understand that many of us have, since then, been part of active protest movements aimed at making the government realize how little we have done to ensure the safety of the women in our families. In the spirit of making our voices heard, however, let’s understand that violence and aggression is not the way ahead. Protest, we must. But, Protest Responsibly.