e-Way Bill Sub-User Management

Taxpayers must generate an e-way bill from several company locations in two to three shifts for many e-way bills associated with their accounts. Some users prefer to have only one username or account for their entire activity. In this case, he or she might be unable to utilise a single user name to handle this. These users can establish several sub-users and give them various roles using the user management option. This article will discuss creating, modifying and freezing sub-users available on the e-way bill portal.

Who is a Sub-User?

A Sub-user is a person who can carry out actions under their level of access by logging in with the same login credentials initially created. For instance, a sub-user might be permitted to create e-way bills and restricted from rejecting them under the specified e-way bill limit. 

e-Way bill generation is also made easy by several billing software available in the market.

What is the Need to Create Sub-Users?

The taxpayer or authorised person can often not operate and create an e-way bill. He can permit the staff or operator to do that in that case. He would want to keep his login credentials private from them. Some firms will have their business activities running around the clock, and others will have two or more branches.

In such circumstances, the main user can generate sub-users and assign them various roles. He can generate e-way bills or reject or report generation activities depending on the needs of various sub-users. This site allows him to track the activities of sub-users. To prevent misuse, the primary user should ensure that this sub-user account is frozen or blocked whenever an employee is transferred or resigned.

How to Create Sub-Users?

Here are the steps to create sub-users- 

  • Click on ‘Create Sub user’ under the user management option.
  • Enter the mobile number and validate it via the OTP. 
  • Enter a suffix user ID for the sub-user and check the availability of the user ID.
  • Enter the name, destination, mobile number, and email id, enabling the user to generate the EWB for all the offices or a particular office. 
  • The user shall give the sub-user the authority to generate EWB, consolidate EWB, reject EWB, report generation of EWB and update the masters from the check boxes given in the system. 
  • The system will pop up an error if the fields entered are incorrect. Otherwise, the system will create a sub-user and a message with a password for the sub-user.

How to Freeze the Sub-Users?

The system gives the user an option to freeze the sub-user. 

  • Select ‘Freeze sub-user’ under the option ‘User Management’. 
  • Select the ‘Freeze’ tab to freeze a sub-user. 
  • Once a sub-user is frozen, they won’t be able to log in to the e-way bill portal.

How to update Sub-Users?

  • Similarly, as explained under creating a sub-user, a user can update a sub-user. Choose ‘Update Sub-user’ in the sub-option under ‘User Management’. 

How to change Sub-User Password?

Here are the steps for changing the password on the e-way bill portal-

  • Click on the sub-option change password under the option user management.
  • Enter the old password.
  • Enter the new password if you want to use it and click. 
  • The system will change the user’s login password with the newly entered password. 

The e-way bill portal introduced a feature to create and manage sub-users, not to overload individuals to generate e-way bills for different locations owned or operated by the same GSTIN. This decentralised management approach of e-way bills makes the whole process much faster and smoother, which helps them comply. 


Who is a sub-user?

A sub-user is a user who can use the same login credentials established initially and perform actions of his or her grant. However, they cannot reject one. 

How many sub-users can be generated?

The user can have a maximum of 10 sub-users for every principal/additional place of business. If a taxpayer has only one principal business place without additional locations, he can create up to 10 sub-users. When the taxpayer has three more places and one principal place of business(i.e. four), he can create 40 (4*10) sub-users.

How do I change my mobile number on the e-way bill portal?

You must click the ‘Update Common Portal’ button on the e-way bill portal to import the latest data from the GST Common Portal. In that case, if incorrect data is displayed after this action, raise a request to update the address/mobile number details in the GST common portal through the amendment process.

How do I change the username on the e-way bill portal?

Login to the e-way bill portal with valid login credentials. On the left-hand side of its dashboard, click on User Management and then select Update Sub-User.