Why is Kate Middleton ‘missing’? Conspiracy theories abound

Having stayed out of the public eye since December 2023, Kate Middleton has got netizens going, with crazy theories about her whereabouts.

When the husband of Kate Middleton, Prince William, pulled out of a royal event on Tuesday, citing a ‘personal matter, it led to questions being asked whether Kate Middleton’s health had worsened.

Kate Middleton has undergone a planned abdominal surgery, Kensington Palace announced on January 17. While she hoped to keep her medical details private, it was said that she would be coming back home after a 10-14 day hospital stint.

The original statement said the Princess of Wales would only resume public duties after Easter. However, internet users have come up with all kinds of conspiracy theories to explain her ‘absence’.

The wild speculations were quickly put to rest when a royal source reached out to numerous publications to confirm that she was indeed ‘doing well.’

This led to internet users asking even more questions about her whereabouts.

Conspiracy theories about the ‘disappearance’ of Kate Middleton

From undergoing the BBL cosmetic procedure to growing out bangs or grappling with a hair colour disaster, the Kate Middleton conspiracy theorists have got some creative reasons for her ‘disappearance’ from the public eye.

Or could she be prepping for a ‘bombshell reveal on Masked Singer?’ surmised another.

Another set of royal enthusiasts also see the potential in this alleged Kate Middleton missing conspiracy to become the plot of The Crown Season 7.

Some netizens have even claimed to have spotted her at the Willy Wonka experience in Glasgow.

While it is doubtful the Princess of Wales has any remote associations with these events, the conspiracy theories keep getting weirder. If Kate Middleton wasn’t already severely exhausted from her medical treatment, looking at these internet trends might make her feel worse…or better.

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