What Do Virtual Assistants Do Within the Metaverse?

This is a good introduction to the Metaverse, one of the essential concepts in modern science fiction. This article explains why hiring a virtual assistant from the metaverse makes sense and what you stand to gain by this.

Defining the Metaverse: What is It?

The metaverse is a collective virtual shared space created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical environments and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet. In short, it’s our universe.

Virtual Assistants in the Metaverse

A virtual assistant could be a person or a program that helps you in the Metaverse. Virtual assistants could be AI-powered assistants, such as an AI chatbot platform, or people with special skills (e.g., language translation, family management, financial management). Virtual assistants could be found in micro-communities. You would have to create an account and join a specific community to use its virtual assistant. This may require you to stay with that community for a certain amount of time.

What Do Virtual Assistants Do Within the Metaverse?

Virtual assistants are new entities that live within the Metaverse and provide their services to their owners. They learn by being knowledgeable in all aspects of a user’s life, from cooking to cleaning, shopping, health and fitness, driving, and even dating. They make your life easier, save you time, and improve and simplify your daily routines.

Keeping Track of Errands

Virtual Assistants (VAs) will help you keep track of your errands through digital reminders. These can be pinned to specific locations within the Metaverse and will even become more informed and intelligent with time.

Personal Organizers

Within the Metaverse, you can use personal organizers to coordinate a busy schedule, communicate with coworkers and friends, and find hidden gems of entertainment in a land where people have access to practically everything. For example, you can start by scheduling many of your appointments directly from one Organizer. Relax knowing you have a quick reminder from a virtual personal assistant when your next appointment is approaching.

Virtual Personal Trainers

They motivate their clients to get exercise. Virtual assistants within the Metaverse also play this role as your trainer for maintaining virtual health/fitness/nutrition. They keep you going through various activities, from walking through jogging to stamina-building yoga, from healthy eating to calorie restriction.

Virtual Housekeepers

Virtual housekeepers are an emerging class of service workers in the Metaverse that provide essential home cleaning services to users as part of their subscription or one-time purchases. They can be thought of as “on-demand” service providers who can help users maintain their house, apartment, or office, rather than taking on personal cleaning responsibilities themselves.

Take care of your children.

Within the Metaverse, virtual assistants will allow parents to work longer when they should be working less. Virtual assistants would enable parents to check in on their children when they feel, listen to them, and tell them bedtime stories when they want.

Remembering important dates or events

A virtual assistant within the Metaverse can be set to remind you of important dates or important events. Some people might also make it remind them of when they need to take their medication or when they need to pay a bill or rent. The possibilities are pretty endless as you can use a virtual assistant to do just about anything you manually have to remember but would rather not.


The internet is full of articles and imaginary characters telling you how great having someone do things for you is. Metaverse hopes to make that dream a reality. It’s designed to be a place to look for tasks and people that can complete them. Metaverse is built atop Slack, so it feels familiar and easy to use. It aims to improve the standard assistant hiring experience by allowing you to see screenshots of the person on their computer, alongside video calls, written communication, and detailed timestamps of messages exchanged. Virtual assistants will be able to do much more in the Metaverse than they can do in the real world.

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