You’re on the road and you run out of fuel; even worse, there’s no fuel station around. You want to order from your favourite restaurant but you are out of their home delivery radius. You have left an important file at home and can’t take the risk of driving back.

Yes, the universe can be cruel, and yes, Murphy’s law is real. But have no fear, for Vdeliver is here! Srinivas Madhavam and Chaitanya Reddy’s entrepreneurial venture, Vdeliver, is just the answer to your problems. This brainchild of Srinivas Madhavam, is an A to Z delivery service and is available 24X 7.


Spicy Beginnings?

The idea originated when Madhavam wanted ‘Idlies’ delivered but realised that no one would do so for orders below Rs. 200. He then realised that people had needs with no one to cater to them. “This is how I started Vdeliver in 2011 and in March this year, my friend Chaitanya Reddy joined me. My wife Praveena, a NIFT graduate, supports me in the designing aspect”, says Madhavam.


(Sales)‘Pitch’ Perfect!

Vdeliver stands true to its tagline ‘Xcellence Delivered’ by ensuring that each order is delivered with perfection. “The mission of Vdeliver is to achieve excellence in every single order it executes and going with the tagline ‘Xcellence Delivered’. Vdeliver has a vision to brand itself as a unique flavoured logistics corporation where it can deliver anything, anywhere, anytime with ‘Xcellence’”, says Srinivas Madhavam. “We have a team of eight boys. All you need to do is call us and tell about your requirement. We ensure that it reaches you at the earliest”, he explains.


Their Journey

Initially limited to delivery of food items, their service amplified when one of their clients was leaving for Kolkata to attend a wedding, and forgot to carry some of her clothes, which Vdeliver delivered for her and henceforth got the idea to broaden their services from food delivery to on-demand delivery. This venture doesn’t fetch them good financial revenue but they say it is very rewarding and satisfying on a personal front. “Of course we are working for money as everybody does, but we get immense satisfaction and happiness when we help someone in grave need. Right now we are not getting good returns in terms of money but there’s going to be good revenues in the years to come,” says Chaitanya Reddy.

Currently available in Chennai and Hyderabad, Vedliver is planning to expand its base to Bangalore as well. “In Chennai our service is limited to document delivery only. But in Hyderabad we offer our service for just about anything from food to documents to keys to surprise gifts,” he adds.


Their Services

  • VDeliver Logistic solutions include delivering anything (Food, sweets, chocolates, Documents, Stationery, groceries) less than 5000 Gms within 2 – 24 hours across the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. It can pick anything from individuals / local vendors / corporates / restaurants / bakers.
  • It also serves with same day delivery between Vijayawada & Hyderabad cities.
  • It serves the local ecommerce vendors with low cost deliveries within 24 – 48 hours.
  • It handles the Customer Agreement forms of the telecom companies enabling faster service to their customers.
  • It facilitates ecommerce companies to deliver with an option of Cash-on-Delivery and last mile logistics.


Delivered with ‘Xcellence’

  • Picked the stitched clothes from a designer and delivered it to the customer.
  • Picked up CBSE text books from Hyderabad for a 9th standard student of Tier – 2 city and couriered.
  • Authentic Haleem (A Hyderabadi dish) was delivered to customers in Vijayawada.
  • Cup Cakes were picked up in Hyderabad as per Customer’s requirement and were sent to Vijayawada in person.
  •  Movie tickets to various customers in Hyderabad.
  •  Snacks for munching during a party.
  •  1000 boxes of Organic mangoes were delivered to various customers in Hyderabad.
  •  Keys that were brought to office by mistake were picked up & delivered. Pick up & delivery points were 20 Kms away.
  • Rasam & Sambar powder (Used in cooking) packets prepared by a lady at home were picked and delivered to her customers.
  • Sweets box sent by a brother thru’ his friend was picked and delivered to a sister.
  • Mobile phone forgotten at a friend’s house was picked & delivered.
  • Hair oil was picked up from a Doctor in Hyderabad and the same was courier to USA.


It’s true; they deliver ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

Contact details: Make a call 24X7, on 040 – 64 64 1234 or place your order on their website http://vdeliver.in/ to get anything delivered from anywhere.

Disclaimer: For every five kilometres, they charge Rs.75 with instant delivery. Beyond that you need to pay an extra 10 rupees for every kilometer increased.

Website link:www.vdeliver.in

Facebook link:www.fb.com/vdeliver


Srinivas Madhavam – CEO and Founder

Chaitanya Reddy Co-Founder