Trading Forex Using Trading Apps – Pros & Cons

Like other markets, the Forex market is not an easy game. You need to be mentally strong and wise to get successful in the trade. Having the right tools are also compulsory to gain profits. The trading apps are one of the tools that can help you in significant ways. However, it also has some disadvantages if you don’t think before making any move.

Pros of Using Trading Apps

Having a touch of technology in Forex trading can make your life easier than before. Trading with the help of Forex trading apps can be beneficial for you. How so? Let’s learn it. 

Market Access

You can use mobile apps even when you don’t have an internet line, as you can use technologies like 3G and 4G. This way, you only need working mobile with good internet connections to make your trade without remaining glued to the screens. Instead of spending hours watching screens to determine the best time to trade, you can make decisions while roaming around your house or even when you are away from home. 

This means smartphones make forex traders more active and constant in their work. Moreover, some people often avoid involving in these types of the market where they need to be present every time. Now, this is their chance to make some profits while doing their other work.

Unique Features

The mobile trading platform offers you plenty of features that can make your overall experience better. The purpose of these apps is to give you a way to make the right decisions at the right time. In this regard, they have made the traditional ways of Forex trading easy. Not only can these apps help you reach the market easily, but give you improve trading execution. These apps also introduce the trend indicators and oscillators to its users. 

These features have helped traders to initiate trades without analyzing big charts. Of course, this is not for all types of traders. Traders who use trend indicators and oscillators as the primary thing to exit and enter trade can take advantage of this feature. However, those who use Elliott Waves’ theory are other trading theories that involve a systematic approach, and proper analysis will not feel delighted with this feature. Still, they can at least do their analysis on the mobile instead of huge screens.


By using an online platform for forex trading, traders get more opportunities in the market. This is because the application helps you to indulge in the market 24 hours without any break. Plus, forex market deals trading five times a week, which offers people to make the trade anytime they want. 

Not to mention, it allows you to take time before making any decision, as you can make a trade at any hour from your mobile. Even when you don’t want to make a trade, you can simply just read the market to predict what will be next. This way, you can improve your prediction skills, which you can use later when you make a trade.

Cons of Mobile Forex Trading

Despite having several benefits, mobile forex trading also have drawbacks. The following are some cons of having a forex trading app in your hand.


Having access 24/7 to the mobile app is both a curse and a blessing for the traders. Online trading allows you to work with different brokers. This gives you a higher degree of leverage the entire time, leading to constant changes in the emotional state of traders. Sometimes they will feel fear, and other times they feel greed. These impulsive behaviors result in making bad decisions. 

You may know that you need to be psychologically tough to resist when you see money and endure when you face loss. But if you use your mobile platform all the time, you will feel challenged to build these powers. 

Wrong Trade

Online markets can lead to a wrong decision. As we have already discussed, the privilege of having a market all the time in your hand can be a disaster. Because of human nature, some people feel the need to remain in the market all the time. However, if the market is open, it doesn’t mean you need to make the trade. This leads to overtrading, which results in higher risks. This can cause you a huge loss.

While you have a loss, the broker is undoubtedly happy with this fact. Brokers make great money, no matter if you lose or gain. Therefore, if you overtrade your account, the broker will earn more commissions because of having an increased activity.

Bottom Line

As you have learned that trading apps have pros and cons, but it totally depends on you how you prefer to use them. You can use them to make your position strong in the market or just lose what you already have.