Top European Countries to live as an Expat

With remote work now the norm, becoming an expat has never been easier. In fact, some countries are now offering incentives for those who want to work and live abroad. But deciding where to go isn’t always an easy decision. You might love South America but aren’t really sure you want to stay there permanently. On the other hand, you might want to head to Europe but are up in the air of which country is most welcoming. The issue of remote work visas and how your job will mesh with being an expat should also be considered in case finding new employment becomes essential. If you’re ready to plunge into being an expat with both feet, here are the best places to make that happen

Securing Funding

If you’re retired or looking for ways to immigrate without having to work right away, you could cash in your life insurance, utilize the secondary market and move without worry. Life insurance settlements involve selling your policy to a third-party for cash value. To learn more about the process and determine if it’s an option, you should check out the free guides available online. You’ll learn everything you need to know and whether selling your policy is possible.


Portugal, specifically Braga, popular among expats. Braga is called the happiest city in the country with friendly people and welcoming communities. It’s also a gastronomical hub for all tastes. Single expats, as well as those with children, love Braga’s green spaces, international school options and quality health-care options. Lisbon is also a popular hotspot for American expats. The low cost of living and digital nomad neighborhoods makes working and playing in Portugal worth the trip.


Spain is a dynamic country that’s rich in culture and full of expats. Madrid and Barcelona are two hotspots where most expats choose to live. The low cost of living combined with delicious food and gorgeous architecture make it hard to resist. Spain also offers international schools and excellent health care, both of which are important when you have children.


From the streets of Rome to the beaches in Positano, what’s not to love about Italy? This country is home to thousands of expats from all over the world. The slower pace of life makes Italy a top expat location, in addition to the cuisine. It’s important to note that to live in Italy as an expat, similar to other countries, you do need to apply for a visa. You can either enter as a student, an independent worker or apply for an elective visa. If you choose the latter, you need to demonstrate you have enough money in the bank and don’t need to work to live in the country. This can come from your retirement fund, savings and investments or a business that more or less runs itself.


If you love a good stout and lush, green grass, Germany is the place for you. Berlin is best suited for young, single expats whereas Hamburg is the perfect place for families with children. Note that if learning foreign languages is not your forte, you might want to stick to Berlin until you learn a few keywords and phrases.