Top 5 Online Drawing Classes for an Art Lover

Although creativity is innate, it can only become a masterwork with the right guidance at the right time. Do you enjoy drawing, or are you looking for online classes? If yes, this is the right place for you. There is a tonne of online classes for drawing and art available on the internet for you.

There are few programmes available on a wide range of topics, from the principles of drawing at the beginner level to more specialised classes in figure drawing, life drawing, illustration, digital art, fashion design sketches, cartoon drawing, oil painting, acrylic painting, and much more.

We are presenting 5 online courses which you can start from the present moment.

Character Drawing Course

Absolute beginners or even intermediate students who desire to develop their character drawing skills to a professional level might benefit greatly from this character drawing class. The training is organised into modules and is well-paced and simple to follow.

It teaches everything, from basic drawing methods to sophisticated character creation techniques. Every essential aspect of creating unique and alluring characters is there for you to learn. So, whether you are learning to draw from scratch or have some drawing expertise, it teaches the core knowledge you need to start drawing professionally.

Basic Drawing Lessons

The goal of the course is to simulate taking private drawing lessons. It instructs pupils to watch and then apply one video lesson every day that teaches a crucial drawing technique. For greater results, self-practice is necessary.

The essential fundamentals of holding a pencil and drawing any shape are covered at the beginning of the course. Learners are then introduced to a drawing method that enables them to observe, analyse, and depict any subject. There are hours of examples demonstrating how to use fundamental abilities in various contexts.

Figure Drawing Course or Anatomy 

Students learn the male and female figures in the course, beginning with dimensions. They gain knowledge of the human anatomy, including the skeleton, simplified mannequins, muscles and how they change when flexed in various poses, the differences between the male and female figures, how to depict body fat, and various body types and parts of various ages, before combining it all into awesome poses. Both novice and seasoned artists who want to master the human figure can enrol in this seminar.

Foundation Course to become beginner to Master

Students must participate in this interactive course by working together. To guarantee that pupils have a strong foundation to grow from, it begins at the bottom and builds students up from there. For instance, in the beginning, students are taught about various materials, such as pencil lead weights, and the ideal applications for each. Every module includes enjoyable and simple exercises to help students practise and fully understand each idea before moving on. The book progresses to more complex subjects, including how to rapidly obtain measurements and proportions, different line-drawing methods, how to add form and depth of field to drawings, etc.

Landscape Drawing Course

Both beginning and intermediate artists should take the course. This perspective and landscape drawing course cover how to draw panoramas, backdrops, scenarios, and professional surroundings in three dimensions. You will learn how to build any setting, including sweeping, elaborate landscapes, sets for character drawings, comic book backgrounds, etc.

This course is a highly thorough guided video course that goes over everything from the fundamentals of perspective drawing to more complex drawing concepts like shot types and composition.

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