Top 10 Programming Languages of the Future


With over 700 programming languages are available in the world, deciding which programming languages to learn can be difficult. Despite increasing competition among different programming languages over the years, a few languages have stood out. These languages are not only useful today, but also in the future. These are the languages we refer to as Future Programming Languages.

The top ten programming languages of the future are as follows:

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular web development programming language. JavaScript has been the most commonly used programming language for the last nine years, according to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey. The support for libraries and frameworks gives JavaScript a significant advantage over other programming languages. Companies such as Facebook and Google have even created JavaScript frameworks, which are now widely used in the industry. JavaScript can be used to create frontend and backend applications, games, mobile apps, and even Machine Learning models.

JavaScript Advantages-

  • JavaScript’s numerous frameworks allow it to be used for a variety of applications.
  • JavaScript developers are in high demand all over the world.
  • JavaScript is simple to learn and platform agnostic.
  • JavaScript is used to create client-side as well as server-side applications.

2. Python

Python is a simple, object-oriented, and versatile programming language. Python, like JavaScript, has a plethora of libraries that make it future-proof. Most programmers who also want to work on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence use it as their first choice. Frontend and backend development, then web automation, computer vision, and code testing are all examples of its applications. Python is here to stay in the coming years, thanks to the increased need and demand for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Geeksprogramming will get your programming assignment done in no time.

Python’s Advantages-

  • Python is one of the most simplest programming languages to learn.
  • Python’s libraries enable it to have a wide range of applications.
  • Python can be used to create a graphical user interface.

3. Java

is commonly used in the creation of client-side applications. Despite the fact that it appears that Java is losing its lustre, surveys show that it is still one of the industry’s most widely used languages. Java is used to create web applications, mobile applications, games, AI, and cloud applications, among other things. The advantage of Java is that once compiled, Java code can be executed on multiple platforms (that support Java) without the need for recompilation.

Java Advantages-

  • Java is an object-oriented programming language.
  • Because it does not use explicit pointers, Java is a secure language.
  • Java employs multi-threading and has sophisticated memory management.

4. TypeScript

TypeScript, which was created by Microsoft in 2012, has grown in popularity among developers. TypeScript is the fifth most popular and third most loved language among developers, according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021. Because TypeScript is built on top of JavaScript, code written in JavaScript works in TypeScript as well. Classes and Object Oriented Programming are supported by TypeScript.

TypeScript Advantages-

  • Because it is type-safe, TypeScript makes it simple to avoid errors.
  • Classes and objects are supported by TypeScript.
  • TypeScript is compatible with the most recent JavaScript features.
  • TypeScript is supported by all modern browsers.

5. C#

C# (C-sharp) is a popular programming language for creating games and Windows applications. It is an object-oriented, statically typed language built on the.NET framework. C# has several important characteristics, including being fast, scalable, component-oriented, and type safe. Almost every year, it ranks among the top ten most popular languages. There are numerous opportunities for C# developers across the globe.

The Advantages of C#-

  • C# is a fast and scalable programming language.
  • C# is simple to learn.
  • C# is compatible with.NET libraries.
  • C# is in high demand for app and game development.

6. Kotlin

The official language for Android development is Kotlin. Kotlin is used by more than 60% of Android developers. It is a statically typed language that allows for object-oriented and functional programming. It is backwards compatible with Java and supports all of its libraries. When compared to Java, Kotlin code is more concise and readable. This is why it has grown in popularity and is now one of the fastest-growing languages. Aside from Android development, it can also be used to create desktop apps and websites.

Kotlin Advantages-

  • Kotlin is more straightforward and concise than Java.
  • The null pointer exception is handled by Kotlin.
  • Kotlin is extremely safe to use.
  • Kotlin can be used to create cross-platform applications.

7. Swift

Swift was created by Apple in 2014. It is primarily used to create applications for iOS, macOS, and watchOS. Swift can be used to create both client-side and server-side programs. Swift was developed as an improvement over Objective-C. It is faster than Objective-C, more user-friendly, and includes a type interface. It even allows you to see the results of the program in real-time. Swift was one of the top ten most popular programming languages on Stack Overflow in 2021.

Swift’s Advantages-

  • Swift is significantly faster than Objective-C.
  • Swift is an easy-to-learn programming language.
  • Swift supports the use of a wide range of libraries and frameworks.
  • Swift focuses on program security and assists us in avoiding app crashes.

8. C/C++

C and C++ are both intermediate programming languages. It means they have characteristics of both low-level and high-level languages. Both of these languages are extremely fast due to their low-level features. C is primarily used to create operating systems, kernels, and embedded systems. It serves as the foundation for many programming languages, including Ruby and Python. C++, on the other hand, is a superset of C that includes Object Oriented Programming. C++ is primarily used in GUI development, game development, and desktop application development.

Advantages of C/C++

  • C and C++ are both extremely fast.
  • Dynamic memory allocation is supported by both languages.
  • Both languages are simpler to learn than lower-level languages.
  • C can be used to create embedded systems as well as operating systems.
  • C++ can be used to create applications and games.

9. Rust

In 2006, Mozilla released Rust. Rust has been the most popular programming language for the last six years, according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey. It has even been ranked as one of the highest-paying languages in the world. Rust is a compiled, low-level systems programming language. Rust is the most popular programming language because it solves the issues that C and C++ have: concurrent programming and memory errors. Rust gives us control over the hardware while also providing a high level of security.

The Advantages of Rust

  • Rust has a strong memory management system and is therefore safer than most other languages.
  • Rust is ideal for creating embedded systems.
  • While it solves problems in C++, the speed of Rust is comparable to that of C++.
  • Rust allows us to debug and test quickly.

10. Go

Go (or Golang), which was launched by Google in 2009, has quickly gained popularity over the years. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, Go has surpassed Kotlin, Swift, and Rust in popularity and is now the tenth most popular programming language. The popularity of Go can be attributed to its speed and simplicity. Go is primarily used for system-level software development, but it can also be used for mainly cloud computing and backend development. It includes features such as type safety, garbage collection, and others.

Advantages of Go-

  • Go is a quick and efficient language.
  • Go includes a built-in testing tool.
  • Go includes a garbage collector and supports concurrent operations.


Some of the best programming languages today are JavaScript, Python, and Java.

TypeScript is the JavaScript superset. It adds object-oriented programming and types safety to JavaScript. Kotlin is primarily used to create Android apps, whereas Swift is used to creating iOS, macOS, and watchOS apps. C# is a popular programming language for creating games and Windows applications. C is commonly used to create operating systems, whereas C++ is used to create graphical user interfaces and games. Both Rust and Go are used to create system-level software. Although Rust is the most popular language, Go is more popular.

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