Modi in Mulki: Prime Minister accuses Congress of ‘abuse culture,’ tells voters to chant ?Jai Bajrangbali?

Addressing a public meeting, the PM said that Congress hates and abuses him because he has crashed their ‘corrupt system’

‘“In this election, Congress is seeking votes in the name of its leader who is retiring…the other way in which they are seeking votes is by abusing Modi, whoever feels like is abusing, ‘he thundered at the rally.

‘Will anyone in Karnataka accept this abuse culture? Will anyone like abusing someone? Does anyone like even a small man being abused? Will Karnataka forgive those abusing?” “What will you (people) do this time? Will you punish them? Will you punish the abusers?… When you press the button in the polling booth, punish by saying ‘Jai Bajrangbali’…,’ he added.

According to the PM, the Congress has lost credibility because of its decades of ‘misrule’ and had ‘prepared a system to ensure that its leaders’ treasury was filled with ‘black earnings.’

The PM also brought the Congress’ alleged ‘fake name scam’ to the attention of the public.

‘Congress had ensured that about 10 crore fake names are in government documents from across the country, Modi said. ‘It was names of people who were not born and did not exist…where did the money sent to these names go? The money was going into the pockets of Congress’ corrupt leaders top to bottom. In the last nine years, I have busted Congress’ fake name scam and saved Rs 2.75 lakh crore from going into wrong hands. Our government ensured the poor get their rights, by removing fake names.’

Meanwhile, addressing a public rally in Vijayapura, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra launched a counterattack, accusing the government of turning a blind eye to the ‘plunder’ in Karnataka, asking ‘You (Modi) are supreme, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Why couldn’t you fulfil your dream? When your own government was plundering people by becoming ’40 per cent commission government’ what were you doing?’

She sought to know why, what she termed as the ‘vikas purush‘ (development man) Modi still says that he has a dream of developing Karnataka and presents it to the nation as the ‘development model.’

Vadra also questioned the PM about contractor and farmer suicides.

This his the PM’s second leg of campaigning for the 224-member Karnataka assembly, voting for which will take place on May 10.

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