Life Advice for Millennials Still Finding Their Way

People from different age groups react to life in different ways than other groups do. Millennials are one of the groups whose reactions have been featured prominently in the news lately. According to Brittanica, millennials are people born between 1981 and 1996. Here are some tips for millennials feeling challenged by the current conditions in the world.

Discovering Why Millennials Feel So Challenged

According to Therapy In Beverly Hills, millennials (sometimes also called Generation Y or Gen Y) are more likely to have college degrees, and they are therefore now inundated by student debt. Despite so many college degrees, there is a shortage of available jobs, and this has further challenged the finances of millennials. Another problem worsening the outlook of Generation Y is that their parents, who are now living longer, need the millennials to take care of them. Because these challenges have become so overwhelming, members of Gen Y have also found themselves struggling with mental health issues.

Seeking and Finding the Right Job

Previous generations had the luxury of finding jobs with promising futures right after graduating from college. Without promising jobs, many Generation Y members have found themselves working part-time jobs or working full-time for minimum wage. Check with the career center at your college, as they may know about companies seeking job applicants. If there is a professional association for those working in the field related to your college major, join the group to learn new industry news and to network with others in that field.

Working hard at your current job, despite its mundane nature, may cause executives at your current job to give you more responsibility. If you handle these tasks well, it could eventually lead to a job you can be proud of. Part-time jobs often mean you don’t have medical or dental insurance. Since, according to the CDC, almost 26% of cavities are not treated, you will be compelled to get dental and medical insurance.

Taking Control of Your Finances

One of today’s most significant financial challenges is finding an affordable place to live. Financial experts recommend that 30% of your income should go to rent. With a part-time or poorly-paying job, this may be nearly impossible. You may need to consider a roommate or move back in with your parents until your financial situation improves.

Other financial matters that challenge millennials include auto maintenance costs, groceries, and costs for clothing and shoes. Not everyone knows that, according to How Stuff Works, the most frequently experienced sign of a bad drive shaft is a vibration coming from underneath your car. Common signs like this may be ignored because a Generation Y car owner may be trying to avoid car repair expenses. Take stock of your current income, compare it to your standard expenses, and attempt to live within your budget while saving a bit each month.

Getting Mental Health Support

A 2015 American Psychological Association study cited work, family, and health as the top three stressors in life. Although those factors are out of your control, you can work on controlling your response to them. According to Addicted 2 Success, one of the best ways to improve your mental health is to stop stressing about things out of your control (like your parents’ health, a rent hike, or the cost of gasoline.) Make your mental health support a priority because accepting the current challenges in your life will help you to face whatever future challenges life will bring you.

Facing life with gratitude can be invaluable for your mental health. While being realistic is essential, a positive attitude can give you the mental strength to face difficult times. Millennials who choose to take charge of their destiny can reshape the challenges life has given them and reframe their destinies.