Is There An App Where You Can Plan Your Own Route?

Whether you’re a delivery rider or just a plain motorist, you will understand the perseverance to arrive at your desired destination as fast as possible. That is why, for drivers, GPS is heaven-sent. It made things easier for them as directions were provided and digitized. But, as the roads got more congested, the demand for shorter and more efficient routes also increased. Motorists want to have something that will help automatically plan their routes. Alas! Came the route planning applications.

Are you frustrated with putting in the time and effort required to arrange your drivers’ routes manually? Got tired of trying to figure out how to use route planning technology to make your task easier but feeling overwhelmed? To skip the hassle, we have compiled the top route planning tools to help you decide which tool is ideal for you and your company.


If you’re a small business owner whose business relies greatly on making deliveries, Route4Me is the perfect application for you and your drivers. You won’t have to be anxious about skyrocketing costs and unnecessary bills that won’t be beneficial or profitable as there is Route4Me for small businesses ready to optimize your routes for you.

If you look at their “Marketplace” for features, you’ll see that they’ve used a comprehensive and adaptable strategy. Each component is an optional premium upgrade that you may combine in any way you like to build a customized plan that matches your requirements. In addition to providing a wealth of data about your travels, they also provide a variety of settings for tweaking your experience and presenting that data on a very detailed map. The drivers may also use a smartphone app to keep track of their orders in real-time and look back in depth at their past trips.

Badger Maps

Regarding sales routes, Badger Maps would be the best option. It’s the most popular multi-stop itinerary app, including both iOS and Android smartphones. It works well with many Salesforce systems, so salespeople don’t have to do tedious administrative work. It also uses data from the road to find the quickest way to your marketing team’s appointments.

This app is ideal for business travelers for meal breaks, refueling checks, and last-minute cancellations. The effectiveness of their travels will be maintained, along with a good structure and less travel time, despite the gap time they took.


RouteSavvy is a delivery route organizer with several stops. The program is more aimed at couriers than sales representatives, although it does identify “independent workers” among its current clientele. Small to moderate firms with transport vehicles are their target clientele.

This application’s technology enables operators to input several locations, arrange them, and plan practical itineraries for customer requests, collections, and shipments. They accomplish this in one of two primary methods, mainly depending on the demands of your company: roundtrip or start-to-finish approaches. It can also show multiple paths on screen simultaneously so that management and operators can see their area.

It is essential to create your routes since they will impact the whole driving experience and client satisfaction, which will decide your company’s success. With Route4Me, you can arrange your journey with only a few clicks. In addition to serving more customers, this route navigation technology allows you and your employees to save fuel, spend less time setting deadlines and traveling, and reduce your economic impact.

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