INS Sumitra successfully conducts anti-piracy operations

In an impressive show of maritime skill, the INS Sumitra has successfully saved two groups of people and their boats from armed pirates near Somalia.

First, they rescued 17 crew members on an Iranian fishing boat called – Iman. Pirates had taken control of the boat, but the INS Sumitra acted quickly to make them let go of the crew and the boat.

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The rescue was a success, and the boat continued its journey safely.

The second rescue happened on the evening of January 29. The INS Sumitra was called again to save 19 Pakistani crew members on another Iranian fishing boat, Al Naeemi.

There were 11 armed pirates.

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The naval vessel used smart tactics, including its helicopter and boats, to make sure the hostages were released safely.

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Indian Navy, sanitized the boats thoroughly to ensure it was safe, and the operation was done carefully to stop future pirate activities.

In total, the INS Sumitra, as part of the Indian Navy’s commitment to keep the seas safe, saved 36 crew members and ensured the waters in the Southern Arabian Sea were protected from piracy.

This achievement demonstrates the Indian Navy’s strong commitment to ensuring the safety of both people and boats from sea dangers in the region.

The manner in which they conducted these operations serves as evidence that the Indian Navy is effective in preventing piracy along the East Coast of Somalia.