ICICI Pru Signature: Get more for your goals

Financial planning and goal setting are a very daunting and time-consuming process. As we struggle with several financial goals such as buying a house, a car, paying for children’s education, saving for retirement, etc., it is reasonable to feel overwhelmed while making investment decisions. Given fixed incomes and various financial priorities, we always want to get the most out of our investments. ICICI Pru Signature is the answer to all our financial worries. It’s very simple. Let me explain how.

When we plan for investing our money, we want a financial instrument which offers not only returns on our investment but also financial security to our loved ones. A key feature of a ULIP plan like ICICI Pru Signature is that it provides growth of our money with a life cover to financially secure the future of our family, even in our absence.

Additionally, the plan also rewards us for staying invested in the policy for long term. It adds back 5% of the annual premium amount as value benefit to our investments in the second and sixth year of the policy. As a loyalty reward, the plan contributes to our wealth creation by allocating extra units to our policy at the end of every 5th year (starting from the 10th year of our policy term) till the end of the policy. A perfect blend of these wealth creation benefits helps us maximize our returns, thus, helping us to achieve our financial goals quicker.

As we strive to make the most from our investments, we often forget about the allocation and fund management charges. With ICICI Pru Signature, all the premium allocation charges that we pay are added back to our investments at the end of the 10th policy year. In fact, the same amount is added back to our investments, at the end of every 5th policy year thereafter. This means that not only we can get the advantage of having a lifelong financial protection, but also our investments will keep increasing with time.

That’s not it. One of the major advantages that we look for in any investment plan, is the flexibility to choose where and how our money should be invested. ICICI Pru Signature lets us choose from various well-defined portfolio strategies basis our investment needs. The plan also offers unlimited free switches from one fund to another, so that we can take the maximum advantage of changing market conditions.
With ICICI Pru Signature, we can be confident about our investments for the future as the plan empowers us to get more. It gives more value for our money by taking care of our multiple financial goals and also provides security to our family. So, with this plan we can build our funds, save tax, plan our goals and also provide a safety net for our family making it one of the best plans to invest in.