Garifa Natyayan from Bengal shines a spotlight on life’s struggles through theatrical brilliance

The theatrical landscapes of the Bengal region have long been a captivating subject of discussion, with Garifa Natyayan poignantly reflecting on life’s struggles. In a unique amalgamation of creativity and dependence, this troupe invests excellent care in its productions, showcasing enthusiasm and reliance on artistic expression that resonates positively with audiences.

As part of the National Theatre Festival under the auspices of the Little Theatre Group, Garifa Natayan will stage their play “Atirikta” on March 6th at the I.L. Das Auditorium. Penned by Santanu Majumdar and directed by Deb Kumar Das, the play weaves a compelling narrative of a middle-class family grappling with deep financial crises.

The storyline revolves around Sunirmal, a patriarch with four sons and a daughter, the latter fighting for survival due to appendicitis. In a clever analogy, the playwright likens each family member to appendicitis, deeming themselves surplus and unnecessary in the familial context. The intricate plot unfolds the struggles of each family member, mirroring the harsh realities faced by those living on the fringe of society.

Sunirmal’s sons navigate their challenges, from shattered dreams to financial burdens. The youngest son, Sushovan, yearns to become a doctor but finds himself waiting for a job after passing his SSC due to the family’s financial constraints. The play masterfully explores the notion that no member is genuinely “extra” in the family, emphasizing the interconnectedness of familial bonds.

Rooted in the socio-political transformations of 1992-1994, Garifa Natayan’s recent plays delve into the aftermath of turbulent times, offering a compelling narrative spanning 30/32 years marked by economic and social struggles. The troupe skillfully portrays the clash of human beings amid self-centred social pursuits, shedding light on the collective abandonment of shared values in today’s narcissistic society.

As seasoned practitioners of Bengali theatre from ‘Moforsol Bangla,’ Garifa Natayan brings a wealth of experience to the stage, creating a collaborative masterpiece that reflects a harmonious and natural society. The play’s protagonist, Suresh, adds a unique flavour to the narrative, contributing to a well-organized finale amidst the natural rhythm of events. Don’t miss the chance to witness Garifa Natayan’s thought-provoking production at the National Theatre Festival, promising an insightful exploration of life’s complexities.

Garifa Natyayan