Brief History of YouTube

YouTube is one of the largest and most used social media platforms all over the Internet. People watch more than four billion hours of video every month, around five hundred hours every minute. However, to know about YouTube’s brief history, you must look closely at its original creator and how it started its journey.

Due to this platform’s intense popularity, many people often use the shortcut and buy instant YouTube subscribers to make their channel popular. So why is subscriber important in the realm of YouTube? Let’s find out.

What Was the Original Purpose of YouTube?

YouTube was created as a platform that everyone can use to share their content with everyone according to their personal preference. Therefore, it was hoped that user could spend their time watching different things or uploading their content for other people without any restrictions or difficulties.

However, it is still used as a source of entertainment by many people, but the thing that changed is people are earning a lot of money from this platform. The application has many features that people can use to edit their videos and make a decent living by selling their content online.

Due to monetization, people started to buy YouTube subscribers from FBPostLikes so that they could complete the demand that YouTube asked them to complete to activate the monetization feature. However, the original purpose of YouTube remained the same, and no change was shown in their purpose. So, at first, people couldn’t find content easily.

Who found YouTube?

YouTube was founded by three former employees of an e-commerce company known as PayPal.

  • Chad Hurley
  • Steve Chen
  • Javed Karim

They all were working for an e-commerce company when they first found YouTube. Chad Hurley studied design add Indiana University in Pennsylvania. After that, he joined the PayPal division of eBay after his graduation. All three members met during their internship at PayPal.

How Was YouTube Created?

The thing which inspired all the original creators of YouTube is that it was extremely hard for people to find a simple video on the Internet. So they wanted to make a platform that would make it easy for people to find videos with even a single search.

That is why they decided to make YouTube. In February, their first domain was registered in the headquarters of California. After creating the application, Javed Karim uploaded the first video himself, titled me at the zoo.

Why Google Took Over YouTube? 

Due to fewer resources and the platform’s huge popularity, the application’s original creators have to sell the platform to someone with a lot of resources. Google has had the limelight on the application ever since it was introduced. So, this is how Google acquires YouTube. 

Why Does YouTube Become Popular in Less Time?

There is no single reason YouTube has become so popular in less time. To understand this completely, you must know about every probable reason YouTube is popular among every age group.

  1. Free To Use – 

YouTube is a 100% free-to-use platform. People always love to use something that is free of cost. Therefore, YouTube becomes one of the first platforms to provide the user with free video sharing and watching platforms. Only people need a mobile phone or computer and a stable internet connection to access this platform. 

  1. Easy To Use Interface – 

Using YouTube is significantly easier because the developers take special care of all the necessary things that a person needs to make their experience enjoyable. The website has an easier user interface that people can easily use. All the required things are available on the screen. 

Apart from this, the mobile application of YouTube is also a reliable source for people to use. It is even easier to use. People do not even have to open their web browser to explore the platform you will be able to find a different application for the platform. People over sixty can also use the application easily without problems.

  1. Runs Even Without Wi-Fi – 

People who cannot access Wi-Fi 24 / 7 do not have to worry about using this application because it can also be used on 3G, 4G, or GPRS. Furthermore, setting the quality of the video is an option because it allows users to select a lower or higher quality according to their internet availability.


The history of YouTube is not complicated. Simply designed by three people named Chad Hurley, Javed Karim, and Steve Chen in the United States of America. But due to a shortage of resources, they have had to sell their company to Google, which has had the limelight ever since YouTube was introduced. People are now using the application to earn decent money from the Internet. Not only monetization helps people to earn money, but the content creator can also sell their brands online.

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