5 Fashion Trends College Students Are Obsessed With

New fashion trends start to appear at the beginning of the year. They can be particularly noticed among students in colleges and universities. While high schools require boring uniforms, when you are a student, you are free to choose your style to express your identity and make a statement in most of the colleges. In addition, many school leavers apply extra feature “no uniforms” in their college search and it can be a critical factor in their college choice.

College campus is a place where you have a great possibility to show off your fashionable clothes and great speeches, send a message of self-confidence, determination, and trust. During your education in higher education institutions, it is very important to find your personal style because that will help you become a more confident person.

Here are a few fashion trends that make any college student get obsessed with.


Cute T-shirts with a college color, name or logo on the front are very popular. Your wardrobe can’t be complete without an item of clothing that shows off your college spirit. They give interest to any pair of jeans or shorts. Reserve several for the dorm but do not forget about a couple of must-have for lessons and special occasions.

Cardigans and sweaters

The start of a new studying year means the start of the cold and rainy weather but it also means the beginning of the cardigan season. Your cardigan will look great with your jeans and it is the easiest outfit for getting your degree. It won’t hurt if you have several cardigans and sweaters with a variety of various colors and textures in your wardrobe. You will need to have a light sweater that is easy to wear with your leggings while you are doing your home assignment or a cardigan with a floral print and a pair of skinny trousers to go to hang out with the student community at a party.


Hats are coming back. This year ‘the messenger’ hat is a trend. They are a popular addition to your perfect outfit. They are especially perfect for a day when your hairstyle is not working with you. You stylish hat can be worn with almost anything to create an awesome outfit. The hat is a wonderful way to completely change your outfit and find out your personal college style.


The jeans are easy and comfortable to wear. All students wear them every day and anywhere – in class, to have fun in the college dorm, entertain at a free college event or just go for a walk. They can be styled with everything like sneakers, heels and basic tees. Most of the graduates keep at least 4 pairs of jeans in their wardrobe. The denim trousers can be of any style – from dark-washed skinnies to light blue high-waisted jeans. You can choose any cut and color that you feel most comfortable in. It will be more stylish and get the volume at the waist if you add a belt to the outfit.


It doesn’t matter what brand you prefer, bright sneakers of different colors – white, green, orange, purple or a combination of several colors – are a real hit this season. They show style, comfort, and youth. They are practical, comfy and on trend, they go with everything and are also perfect for walking to college lectures or dancing in a club. Add a “wow” factor to your style with a new pair of colorful sneakers.

To sum it up, the best outfit you can wear is that when you break the rules. Wear the clothes that make you feel confident and full of self-love. Remember the rule – we learn the character of a person through experience and interaction, person’s appearance is what appeals us at first sight. With all these tips, you can easily update your wardrobes to be more fashion forward.

Bio: Sandra Hayward is a freelance writer. The writer adores her job but most of all she is keen on clothes shopping. When Sandra has free time, she spends them in the fashionable malls. Sandra’s life motto is “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. Her dream is to open a boutique selling fashionable clothes one day.

Photo by Loic Djim on Unsplash