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KKR- The SRK way

KKR- The SRK way

By Karandeep Nagpal

Edited by Liz Maria Kuriakose, Associate Editor, The Indian Economist

Who would have thought that the KNIGHTS who have spend their lives saving the King in the game of chess will do it the other way round twice in 3 years in the game of cricket against The Superkings and the Kings.

KKR’s success in the past 3 seasons has been a fairytale just like SRK’s in Bollywood. After 4 seasons things have perfectly coincided to the dialogue, ‘Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost….’and now 2 times in 3 years which they have crossed the line, SRK can proudly say Happy’s Endings.

KKR in the first season was the team who could not make it to the top 4 and yet was the only team with profits. SRK once said ‘Kabhi kabhi kuch jeet ne ke liye kuch haarna padta hai, aur haar kar jeetne waaleko baazigar kehte hain’ and at that time it seemed like KKR took his dialogues way too seriously.

The first 4 seasons somehow turned out to be like a ‘Paheli’ for SRK and KKR. Nobody knew what was going wrong. But good that they accepted the fact that ‘Success and Failure are both a part of life, and are not permanent. ‘

Then came Season 5 which was as good as SRK movies. SRK was found doing somersaults, congratulating everybody around, apologizing to the Mumbai Cricket Association and most importantly spreading love at the end of the tournament.

In season 6, KKR were back to the Korbo-Lorbo part and the Jeetbo part was again missing. The story was revolving around Kabhi Khushi, Kabhi Gham.

When it comes to winning, Sidhu Paaji once said ‘Maan lo toh haar hai, Thaan lo toh jeet hai’ and KKR focused more on the latter part of his dialogue.

The finals of IPL 7 resembled ‘Veer-Zaara’ and went along the same route. After many meetings in the earlier seasons, Veer and Zaara finally met at the end. Even here both the teams won- Veer won the cup and Zaara won the hearts. KKR after an initial struggle were back to the ‘Jeetbo’ part and they showed the world that Winning takes Talent, to repeat takes character.Celebrations and SRK go hand in hand. All through the post match presentation ceremony millions were found waiting when SRK would come on camera. It was unlike an SRK style but even then when SRK came wearing K11P t-shirt, he stuck to his basics and won the hearts of millions with his words “I am not wearing this t-shirt because the team belonged to Preity but because K11P was the best team of the tournament.”

All in all, KKR’s fairytale in the past 3 seasons has been attributed to their Owner’s victory .Let’s just hope that we don’t get to see something like Ra-One soon.

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