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Joker: What Can We Learn From Him?

Joker: What Can We Learn From Him?

By Mohit Saxena

It is really fascinating to see how the Joker, Batman’s arch-nemesis, who came into being 75 years ago, is still the most-followed supervillain in the history of American comics. With no superpower whatsoever, he is the most deceiving, sinister, and devious criminal mastermind, yet people somehow love him.

They say genius lies in simplicity and he personifies that. Underneath all that chaos and crime, lies the genius. I think that he is the ultimate entrepreneur – an entrepreneur of chaos and a successful one at that. Let us peel away his vices and explore the hidden pillars of his genius to discover his mantra of success.


Joker is the ultimate entrepreneur. | Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

Calmness in Adversity

Whether all hell breaks loose, or the world comes to a stop, the Joker is always laughing. He is always eerily calm. Remaining calm in an adverse situation is an entrepreneur’s best friend. The life of an entrepreneur is full of ups and downs; more downs than ups initially. Hence, once you master the art of calmness, there is no looking back.   

Inspirational Ideas

From an errand boy to the highest official or a businessman, when the Joker shares his vision with someone as passionate as him, no one can refuse him. It becomes a shared vision. He is the ultimate recruiter who even converted his psychologist into his crazy lover. People are willing to die for him. He inspires through his ideas. Similarly, it is imperative for an entrepreneur to believe in his dream and then share it with the right people who can then work on achieving it together.

Meticulous Planning

The Joker thrives on his sheer brilliance, tedious homework, intelligence, and ability to self-reflect and can depend on himself for any eventuality. He plans and executes everything so well that there is no scope for randomness in his life. He projects the image that everything is just taking its natural course, while he in fact meticulously plans each and every moment. This attribute is another must-have for any entrepreneur to achieve success.

Overpowering Fear in Life

If the Joker feared the failure of his plans, he would have never excelled in his missions. He is a fearless person who lives on the edge. For him, it is ‘do or die’. He knows that fear is the biggest inhibitor of real potential. When you are free from fear of failure, your mind works at an extraordinary pace. It takes unbelievable courage just to follow your plan, but it is imperative for an entrepreneur to condition himself for it.

Agility and Determination

Other aspects that the Joker has mastered are unpredictability and extreme agility. He studies everything in depth, and is extremely aware of his surroundings: the obstacles, the triggers, and the blockers, for which, he always has a contingency plan. Like success, failure is inevitable too, but what matters is how nimble and agile you are as an entrepreneur, to emerge from failure and continue on your path to success.

Pre-Defined Tactics

Thinking bigger than everyone and having a set aim and a vision is never enough. You also need to be a fine tactician like the Joker who has every step pre-defined. He is constantly sensing, reading and observing everything. Things change so frequently in today’s world that keeping your eyes open and being on your toes should be second nature, especially as an entrepreneur.

Persistence and Perseverance

The last and the most important trait of the Joker is persistence and perseverance. No matter what, ten failures or a hundred, if he has set his mind to something, he makes sure that he gets it. Be tenacious like him with a clear vision and the stars will be the limit for you.

Life has many ways of teaching us, then why not learn from the best? After all, the Joker’s success rate is a hard one to beat.

Mohit Saxena is Co-Founder & CTO at inMobi, where he is currently heading the technology group at Global mobile ad network InMobi.

Featured Image Credits: Pexels

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