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Donuts delivered via drone: Is this the future we all imagined?

Donuts delivered via drone: Is this the future we all imagined?

By Rachek Kaser

This Wednesday, a Denver-based bakery, in collaboration with Texas-based company Drone Dispatch, delivered fresh donuts to the Denver city officials via drone. Recipients include policemen, fire departments, and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock this Wednesday.

Hancock was excited, saying, “This is how we’re going to become a more efficient 21st century nation, society quite frankly.”

The drones could only be flown short distances, due to Federal Aviation Administration regulations mandating that operators be within sight of the drone. As such, the operators were all within a block of the police, mayor, etc when they delivered the donuts. But why bother walking a block when you can make a drone do it?

The donuts themselves are a tradition dating back to World War 1, when members of the Salvation Army would make them for soldiers. National Donut Day is the first Friday in June — this Friday, in other words. Loosen your belts, because lots of companies (drone makers apparently included) will be giving the tasty treats away for free.

Rachel Kaser, is a writer and former game critic from Central Texas. She enjoys gaming, writing mystery stories, streaming on Twitch, and horseback riding. 

This article has been previously published in TNW.

Featured Image Source: Visual Hunt.

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