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Chalk is the AR tech support solution you (and your parents) have been waiting for

By Inés Casserly

With Chalk, launched today, users can draw on the screen, adding a detail to real-world conversation previously unseen on competitors like Skype and FaceTime

Chalk’s primary purpose is to solve problems over a video call. With many of us providing tech support to our parents, Chalk allows us to give a live explanation complete with augmented reality details drawn on to their actual environments. So, “turn this knob” or “use this button” is no longer a description, but a video tutorial of sorts.

With Chalk, you can draw on the screen to give instructions. Your Chalk Marks stick where you put them with augmented reality technology from Vuforia and ARKit.

The App uses ARKit and Vuforia’s own Fusion engine for object detection and environmental scanning.

Credit: Vuforia Chalk

Before Chalk, Vuforia was focused on providing technology that integrated real life and computer graphics, instead of making applications of its own.

Chalk is only available on the iPhone 6s or newer, 2017 iPads, or the iPad Pro. Each device requires iOS 11. The company plans to get it up on Android as soon as possible. It’s free, for now. Vuforia hopes to charge for it at a later date.

This article was originally published on The Next Web.

Featured Image Courtesy: Visual Hunt

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