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Business Management Symposium at PDPU School of Petroleum Management

Business Management Symposium at PDPU School of Petroleum Management


At School of Petroleum Management, the flagship institute of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Business Management Symposium 2014 was organised which was spread across two days i.e.  Friday, 7th November 2014 and Saturday, 8th November 2014.The event was organised to connect with the industry beyond the Energy sector.


The ‘Business Management Symposium 2014’ kick started with the Inaugural session with the National Anthem followed by the Lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries.  The introductory speech was given by Dr. Tanushri Banerjee, Chair person BMS-2014. This was followed by speech from PDPU Director- Dr. H.B Raghevendra, followed by Professor Pramod Paliwal, Dean and Professor, SPM and at the end, Dr. Hemant Trivedi, Director- SPM addressed the audience.


The first session was on ‘India Regaining the Manufacturing Edge. ‘The first speaker was Mr. Yatindra Sharma, MD-KHS India. He shared the 12 Factors that are necessary to make an Organization successful namely Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Environment, Visual Management in Client, Scheduling System, Space utilisation, Inventory and WIP, Motivation, Complexity and Variability, Supply Chain Management. The second speaker Mr. Sunil Banthiya, Director –Operations, 3M India highlighted the importance of Operational excellence as a key competitive advantage. He said that Lean Initiatives and Execution, Design for Affordability, Technology/ Automation Advancement and Enterprise Resource Planning. The third speaker was Mr. Satish Bhat, Managing Director, Ador Welding Limited.


The second session was on ‘The Services Economy.’ Mr. Subir Hazra, Associate Vice President, Head of Strategic Planning, Delhi International Airport Limited at GMR Group explained that empowering customers is empowering the business. He explained that being customer focused is a start, but to become truly customer-centric, one needs to pro-actively listen and move beyond fixing problems. Then Mr. Prashant Mandke, VP and Head Anugrah Madison, explained the importance of Empowering customers from a BOP perspective.35% of purchase decisions in rural markets are influenced by the retailer so educating, equipping and empowering the retailer is very much important. Creating alternate distribution networks and SHG(Self-Help Groups) helps to penetrate deeper into the markets. This was followed by Mr. MS Ashok , COO Accentiv’ Edenred, highlighted the importance of Design and Implementation of Loyalty and Incentive Programs. “Best customers deserve the best treatment”, this emphasizes the importance of A Loyalty Program. Acquiring the customers is 3 to 8 times more costly than retaining a customer and so a Loyalty Program gives a better ROI than promotions. Mr. Ahmed Naqvi, CEO and Co-founder, Gozoop explained the several mistakes an Entrepreneur usually makes. He said that”An Idea without execution is an illusion”. He said that if u don’t go out and get your customers yourself and keep baking in to glory of pseudo sales, your start up will die if u don’t. The next was Mr. Shekhar Singh, Head-Corporate Communication, Infibeam.


The third session was an Operations Roundtable. Mr. Vijay Sharma, Head Operations, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited explained the importance of Operations Management. He explained that no system exists without bottleneck. Mr. Krishna Veer Singh, Head Operational Excellence, Ericsson India Global Services explained that Human is the Key Operational Unit in any business organization. Strategic alignment and deployment, Performance Management, Process excellence, competent and motivated workforce are the basic pillars of Operational Excellence. Then Mr. Rajesh Pednekar, Supply Chain Excellence Expert, Discussed the Challenges of the pharma sector. Patent cliff, drug discovery cost, government pressure and changing market and sales model are the four basic problems faced in the sector. Mr. Ashish Mediratta, head vessel performance, Maersk Line India Pvt. Ltd. talked about reducing fuel costs in the shipping industry.


The second day started with the roundtable on financial services where Mr. Hemal Desai Senior Vice President, Yes Bank gave some insights on Basics of Investments and Assets Management. He emphasized that while identifying the need of the investor the Risk consideration is of Utmost Importance. Then Mr. Vishal Gada, Partner KPMG, gave a presentation on Taxation. He talked about the new amendment v/s the definition in the budget regarding Long Term capital Asset. A long term security is when you hold an asset for more than 3years.Mr. Vinod Vadhvani, Director Investment Banking M&A talked about Mergers& Acquisitions and Private Equity. According to him India is becoming one of the preferred investment destinations globally. Mr. Mehul Pandia, executive VP, CARE Ratings explained how credit rating helps insurance companies in increasing claim paying abilities. He explained that credit rating helps a major role in the service sector. Mr Tanmay Kedia, Managing Partner, V Capital Services discussed about Stress Asset Management.



The second session was a strategy round table where Mr Sunil Kanojia Group CEO, Sintex India and Mr Rashmin Shah CEO, Zydus BSV Pharma talked about the new age CEOs. Mr A B Raju, CEO, Biz Trans consulting, emphasized that not just innovation but continuous innovation and being one step ahead of your competitors will lead to success. Mr Arijit Ray Former CEO, Dentsu, talked about corporate communication and cultural factors affecting the organisations.


At the end there was a workshop on “Being a leader” by Mr Kaiser Masood Director, LifeWorks Unlimited. The workshop tried to inculcate the qualities of

Empowering the audience with thoughts and theories of how to truly become   a leader in corporate life. The workshop included various activities and engagements for the audience that emphasized on Leadership.


Thus, The Business Management Symposium 2014 came to the end adding a lot of value and knowledge to all the students as well all the faculties, industry speakers and guests.


School of Petroleum Management, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar has taken up the initiative to invite delegates from the corporate world for discussions and deliberation on issues that are of vital importance to comprehend the Industry milieu in India. Business Management Symposium 2013, which involved esteemed speakers from the industry, has established a benchmark for future conclaves. Continuing with this tradition, Business Management Symposium 2014 is all set to raise this benchmark. The aim of Business Management Symposium 2014 is to set a stage for delegates to engage in deliberations addressing the managerial and techno-commercial practices currently prevalent among the Corporate Giants. The School of Petroleum Management hereby cordially invites you to the Business Management Symposium 2014 on 7th & 8th November 2014.

Key Sessions:
Day 1
Session 1: Presentations and Panel Discussion
INDIA REGAINING THE MANUFACTURING EDGE:  In this session, learn how an idea comes into being till it is molded into a product and introduced in the market; from the procurement of raw materials to the actual sale of the product in the market; all this in the most cost effective way.

Session 2: Presentations and Panel Discussion
THE SERVICES ECONOMY: EMPOWERING BUSINESSES, EMPOWERING CUSTOMERS:  This session will provide an overview of service industry in India and how it has gained popularity and importance in current times. The session is focused more on “how to” than a “why to” perspective to access markets and understanding customer needs and fulfilling them at the right time. The attendee will leave with an understanding of the industry and its corporate strategies.

Day 2
Session 3: Presentations and Panel Discussion
FINANCIAL SERVICES: PROSPECTS & CHALLENGES:  Maintaining credence among the customers in the era of staunch competition in a volatile economy will be elucidated in this session. The takeaway from this session would be an all-embracing knowledge of the commerce sector in Indian economy on a global scale.

Session 4: Workshop
BEING A LEADER: The workshop on “Being a Leader” by LifeWorks Unlimited will aim at linking crucial findings from their competency study to participants’ career opportunities. The participants will learn to distinguish the language of competency based on their predictive model, experience the impact of some of these competencies in a business situation, learn how the 5 cornerstones of the “Being a Leader” curriculum define the ability to lead and produce results, identify ‘shifts’ that will have the maximum value to their career.

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