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Beyond the Cliché

Beyond the Cliché

By Manya Arora

Edited by Nandita Singh, Senior Editor, The Indian Economist

With the final year blues at their peak, I see my class divided into four broad categories (into which, it is likely, most of you might be divided as well):

The Extraordinarily Focused Ones: They have it all figured out, it’s like they came onto mother earth and instantly knew their calling.

The Ubiquitous Herd: They usually follow the former.

The Lost Ones: This category constitutes the maximum number of soon-to-be Graduates, put simply: they like to take it slow.

The Dreamers: The ones with the slightly unrealistic dreams, but they believe they have the drive and spark to bring about a change.

While the extraordinarily focused pursue their post graduation or start work in their desired field, ‘The Herd’ usually get nowhere or somewhere as good as nowhere. ‘The Lost Ones,’ well it’s pretty self-explanatory; and the dreamers either make it or break it.

This article is about the exceptional amalgamation, ‘the one’ in every class of seventy candidates who perfectly fits the extraordinarily focused as well as the dreamer description. This candidate has insight into his/her field, vision i.e. the ability to look ahead, and the incessant drive to bring about a change. Put simply- he/she is a born leader. And for this very leader, India now has the perfect launch pad-The Young India Fellowship.

The Young India Fellowship (YIF) seeks to groom young women and men who will lead India through the 21st century. The YIF brings together 200 emerging leaders from around India in a one- year residential post-graduate programme in our nation’s capital.

The course they offer launches deserving candidates on their leadership journey by opening their mind to a rich and diverse set of subjects and perspectives delivered by some of the finest teachers, of our generation, from around the world.

Along with interactive learning from world-class mentors, one also learns a lot from their peers at this reputed fellowship. This is because fellows from a wide array of fields come together to experience this one of a kind fellowship. Whether you graduated in the arts, science, engineering or commerce, the faculty is determined to guide, nurture and help you shine in all your future endeavors.

According to Anunanya Chaubey, the Deputy Dean of YIF: “YIF introduces you to multiple perspectives on our world through the diverse subjects that are taught here- a person who has a better view of a problem and the understanding that a problem has many facets to it has a better chance of solving that problem. Fellows work collaboratively in learning and solving problems. These are the strengths that a leader needs to have- a comprehensive vision and the ability to work with people, and this is what the Fellowship offers.”

So if you believe in a better tomorrow let the Young India Fellowship kindle your ambition!

For further details check out their website:

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