A Guide to Coworking in Malaysia

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As more Malaysians enter the workforce as freelancers, a need has been established to cater to this burgeoning population. In addition to the remote-working format, the virtual office and coworking spaces have made it possible for millennials in the country to work flexibly and use these spaces in versatile ways.

Coworking, specifically, has become increasingly popular among young professionals in the country. While the opportunity to network in a natural setting is probably one of the reasons, the coworking spaces versatile uses give Malaysian professionals the opportunity to accomplish a number of tasks. Visit Servcorp Malaysia at http://www.servcorp.com.my/en/coworking/ to learn about the potential applications of coworking.  

Let’s take a more in-depth look at coworking spaces in Malaysia and how this office solution can benefit your business.

Types Of Spaces

When choosing a space, make sure that it fits your business’s needs. As the market for coworking spaces continues to evolve, coworking Malaysia is finding that there is a glut of the general office set up. Incidentally, those who co-work generally have the option to lease the use of space, either a hot desk or dedicated desk. In addition, coworking spaces fit out your business with the standard office equipment and amenities. The better spaces offer professionals networking opportunities, in addition to chances to socialise.

However, in Malaysia, new companies are cropping up in demand for spaces that cater to particular tastes and industries. For example, a few spaces cater specifically to start-ups and new businesses with their missions focusing on driving creativity and innovation and really placing an emphasis on helping new businesses grow. Others focus on particular industries, for example, technology. In essence, these spaces can nurture your business, but you do miss out on the opportunity to connect with other professionals outside your industry.

Sense Of Community

Like much of Asia, relationships place a big role in the Malaysian business landscape. Friend and family relationships are very important, and while the structure is a hierarchical one, many partnerships are based on trust. For this reason, when looking for a coworking space, finding one that really focuses on community is essential to building business relationships.

Nowhere is this more evident as seen through the importance of networking. Networking, both formal and informal, presents your business with the opportunity to get and receive information and referrals from a well of resources in your coworking community, the chance to get meet others, namely possible mentors, and the chance to raise your company’s visibility. Ultimately, collaboration becomes the culmination of all of this networking, which is again a chance to raise your company’s visibility.

Leasing Terms

More significantly, when looking to lease coworking space, pay attention to the terms. Many leases offer professionals the standard workspace with no frills. In fact, one of the advantages of working in this way is that your business’s overhead is drastically reduced. However, you want to enjoy a space that will allow you to maximise the benefits of adopting this work style.

Your package should include amenities that allow you three functions. First, the package should give your business the basics in terms of internet usage and support staff, in addition to giving you space to work. Second, the space should give you the opportunity to meet and engage with other professionals. Finally, the space should give you the flexibility to travel, relocate and expand, if desired. Ultimately, you should be able to maximise your space to save costs and for business growth.

Coworking Malaysia

Malaysia’s coworking space landscape can offer professionals an amalgam of options in coworking space. However, part of the appeal in working this way is the opportunities to connect with other professionals in a way that helps your business, more specifically raising your profile. When searching for your coworking space, make sure it can provide you with a sense of community and networking opportunities vital for business growth.