7 Habits You Should Try to Cultivate As an Entrepreneur

There’s a lot of talk about what makes someone a successful entrepreneur. Many might say it’s more about getting up really early in the morning, while others believe being late for meetings is a red flag.

I’ve been observing a couple of habits that made the silver lining amongst many entrepreneurs.

In this article, I aim to help you cultivate these habits so that you reach that higher level in business as well as in the life that you choose to lead.

  1. Staying Ahead of the Game

Entrepreneurs are innovators and they have to always stay at the forefront of whatever market they are involved in.

However, it is not just about being the best in your industry, but staying ahead as much as you can. This is the only way that you can consistently aim for growth on higher levels.

We have to face the music.

We live in a dynamic world where ideas, ideals, and people are continually changing, and we need to adapt to survive.

However, you have to remember that it isn’t just about competing but creating new markets and new areas to innovate and make people’s lives better.

From harnessing the power of new technologies like big data, artificially intelligent programs, semi-sentient bots, and blockchain, to ensuring that you know how the real sentiments of your customers are, you always have to stay ahead of the game.

  1. Developing Proper Timing

You’ve probably read about the successfully wealthy entrepreneur who gets up at exactly four in the morning to exercise and grab a protein shake, but developing proper timing isn’t about the time that you get up, but rather the way you value the precious nature of time.

The entrepreneurial mindset requires you to be strict with your time and plan for contingencies. Think about it this way, when was the last time you factored in ingress and debriefings to your meetings and ended up being five to ten minutes late for your next one?

Know that time that has passed cannot be taken back, but only dealt with.

Plan your day and plan for the inconsistencies of life, for you may not be able to account for everything, but you’ll be efficient and effective with your tasks.

This also means determining when you are the most productive, figuring the peaks of your mood and ensuring that you are always on time to make the most of your day.

  1. Involving Other People

Successful people understand that there is no “I” in team and that your success is the success of the people behind you. Surround yourself with people who bring out the positivity, creativity and intelligence in you.

Shy away from the negativity and cultivate a tribe of people who aim for your goals and aspirations.

However, it goes beyond your staff and team; it’s also your attitude towards the people around you and the people that you want to help. In short, get rid of the solopreneur’s mindset that you’re likely to have developed.

Also, your customer is not merely a customer, but someone you need to help and learn from so that you can also be a better entrepreneur.

  1. Valuing Yourself

Successful entrepreneurs understand that their most important investment is their selves. If you put that into perspective, you’ll realize why you have to appreciate yourself.

Things like getting enough sleep at night and having time for yourself are absolutely vital in protecting your biggest investment. You will want to make sure that you are constantly valuing yourself and making sure that you care of yourself.


You are the most valuable commodity in your enterprise.

So do this; plan your vacations, take time for yourself in the mornings, avoid burnout by knowing when to say “no,” and make sure you get plenty of exercise not only to stay healthy but also, to boost your mood.

Do you want to accomplish something on a higher level? Then you can only do so if you are prepared to do so, and you can only do this by giving yourself the self-worth that you deserve.

  1. Watching What Goes Into Your Body

Your body is a temple and what you decide to put in it affects the way you think, react, process and even live. Whether it is alcohol, too many instant ramen meals, or your eight cups of coffee a day, it all matters in the long run.

Switch out a couple of cups of coffee with matcha – a healthier alternative to your coffee cravings which can be easily prepared at home. Have fruit instead of junk and skip the fried comfort food in favor of a salad.

There has been so much scientific evidence of food being able to boost your mood and energize you for full bouts of productivity.

Think about it this way, sometimes your output is only as good as what you input. You want to take care of your body because like we said earlier, it’s your priority investment.

  1. Cultivating a Culture of Simplicity

Many think that being an entrepreneur is the pathway to fancy cars and a lifetime of complicated luxuries. However, beyond the money you can make and the things that you can possibly buy, many entrepreneurs live by a code of simplicity.

Here’s what.

Simplicity allows you to create routines that are based around practicality, it enables you to vary workloads that could be impossible for many, and it will enable you to see clarity in a world of chaos.

  1. Maintaining Curiosity

At the beginning of this article, we briefly grazed on the topic of innovation, but for you to innovate, you have to be curious. Remember that feeling you had while you were thinking of that big idea?

That’s the same curiosity that you have to maintain.

No matter what happens, never lose your curiosity, because even if it did “kill the cat,” it sure helped a lot more people to succeed.

You are your biggest investment – we keep saying this – and you have to keep yourself stimulated, don’t hesitate to spend on the things that will help boost your curiosity.

There are so many more specific habits that we can cover, but by following these simple rules, you’ll be set to make the world a better place.

Catalin is the founder of Ecommerce Platforms and Unblock. He’s a design enthusiast and loves matcha, and is uber passionate about Bitcoin and blockchain technology.