5 Best PDF Readers Out There


The demand for PDF readers is growing day by day which is why companies have been making more PDF readers for users according to their demands.

PDF readers let you enjoy book reading as well as do official document work on PDF files.

While there are a number of amazing PDF readers out there, picking one can be daunting. However, knowing a little bit about them and their features can help you in this regard.

Here are 5 best PDF readers out there:

1. Nitro PDF Reader

We all are well familiar with the interface of Microsoft Office as it is one of the most popular suites to work on various things. The Nitro PDF reader has quite a similar interface to that of Microsoft Office which is why users find it extremely easy to use.

However, Nitro isn’t just known for its interface, there are a plethora of features it offers which include form signing, PDF creation and editing. Moreover, it can also convert files into PDF format and you can also extract images from a PDF document with Nitro PDF reader.

2. Soda PDF 7

Soda PDF 7 packs quite a punch when it comes to dealing with PDF files. The strongest suite of this PDF reader is its ‘Facing Reading Mode’ which lets you read your favorite books with two pages side by side, giving you a real book reading experience. Also, you can choose from single or continuous reading modes if you want to read in a fixed screen size, page by page.

With Soda PDF 7, you can also convert different files into PDF format and even store the files on cloud storage so that you can have access to your files whenever you want to. The best thing about it is that it’s free to use.

3. XODO PDF Reader

If you’re in search for a PDF reader that has many features then your search ends here. XODO PDF reader is one of the most powerful PDF readers out there that lets you read in 5 different modes. Moreover, it comes with amazing sorting options and let you maintain all your files neatly in order.

You can search a single file on the basis of its title or first alphabet. Other than that, you can use many other functions too such as highlighting parts of text, adding notes and comments etc.

4. Adobe Reader

This PDF reader needs no introduction because it is one of the oldest PDF readers out there and is used by a huge number of people all around the world. It offers form signing, file converting, text-to-speech option, reading modes, and many more. With Adobe reader, you can do it all. However, it is among the most expensive readers out there and also takes a lot of storage space, making it not so ideal for many users.

5. Expert PDF Reader

If reading and editing PDF files is what you’re looking for then Expert PDF is a good choice. It lets you create blank PDFs and make changes to existing ones with a variety of options. You can read novels in landscape and portrait styles and also open multiple PDF files in different tabs to work simultaneously.


These are the 5 most amazing PDF readers out there that makes your work easy when you want to work with PDF files.

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