Hiring is most likely the most tedious, time-consuming aspect of running any successful business. Potential hires need to have the right skills and knowledge to do the work correctly, but they also need to seamlessly meld into your work culture. A common misconception about hiring is that it’s a one-way street – only the candidates need to put in the effort of making a good impression. However, businesses are now doing more to look attractive in order to grab the attention of the best potential candidates. Hiring in a competitive job market is certainly a two-way street, and failing to keep your company’s brand appealing and office environment enjoyable could divert a lot of potentially great hires.

Make Your Job Descriptions More Appealing

The first thing that potential employees see when you advertise an open position is the job description and an introduction to your company’s mission. While most businesses utilize this part of the ad to explain the duties required of the candidate, your company should take it up a notch by detailing how you compare to rival businesses. A cookie-cutter shopping list of required skills and tasks will only bore the best potential hires. Instead, talk about your company’s environment and culture, the benefits you’re offering, or enticing opportunities for growth. The employees you want to hire know that their skills are valuable, so if you can demonstrate that your company offers unique perks, they are much more likely to dedicate their talents to you.

Get the Best Background Checks

Resumes are in and it’s time to do some digging. A quick Google search of the applicant’s name is standard, but many people looking for jobs have put the time and effort into making their social media presence employer-friendly. So instead of looking at Facebook pictures of the candidate hoping that you’re making the right decision, consider a background screening resource. ShareAble for Hires offers pre-employment screening services for companies of all sizes, and it takes just a couple of minutes to complete. Setting aside the time to screen candidates gives your company peace of mind knowing that you aren’t bringing troublesome people into the office.

Adapt Your Brand

Throughout the hiring process, the candidate will check out your company online and do their own digging. There are several review sites that your business might have a profile on, and unless your business is new, previous employees have definitely reviewed their experience with you. Your goal should be to keep your company’s image as positive as possible. A lot of negative reviews will deter top-notch candidates from applying, and could even convince current employees who get word of the negative reviews to quit. A good practice to get in the habit of is responding to all reviews, no matter if they are positive or negative. That way potential candidates see that you are responsive to both complaints and praise, and will be more likely to apply to a company that has a responsive management team.

Other ways to improve your brand include: hiring a graphic designer to create an attention-grabbing logo, adding unique team-building activities to your work environment, and maintaining a positive image on social media. Keeping up to date on all of the popular apps will make your brand feel fresh and relatable, and will ultimately assist you with the goal of drawing in the best possible candidates.

Improve Your Interview Process

Interviews are by far the most important part of the hiring process because it’s the first time the candidate and your company are interacting face to face. No more careful researching or typed responses – interviews are where candidates either make it or break it. Given their importance, it makes sense that the interview is the lengthiest and most complex portion of the hiring process. You need to carefully tailor your interview questions to the position being filled since it will be your last chance to clear up any ambiguity. Once you customize your questions, be sure to determine which type of interview will be used to ascertain the candidate’s eligibility: group, traditional, case, lunch, panel, and working interviews are all options.

By using these 4 tips, your business will appear attractive to candidates, your hiring process will be streamlined, and the quality of your candidates will be noticeably better. Take the time to make your company look great, and you’ll soon have employees that make your business even better.