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Welcome to the next gen of networking!

Welcome to the next generation, the generation of the social network. Thanks to the existence of innumerable social media platforms, we have adapted ourselves to live with, and enjoy 24*7 socialising, with most of it being virtual. This change in our behaviour has further triggered the growth of innovative platforms, where one, apart from connecting with friends, gets exposed to  a wide range of ideas, follows the ones that seem similar to his/her own, and hence gratifies one’s social needs.

While the virtual space might provide us with myriad platforms to connect, share, talk and ideate, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative means of connecting. Affimity is one such next gen platform where one connects with like-minded people, to be able to exchange similar ideas. It gives one access to information one may find relevant, instead of bombarding the user with irrelevant information, ideas, or the opinions which one may not find useful, as per his/her interests. Choosing from a wide range of channels lets the user take control of what he/she wants to read or talk about. One such channel, very pertinent to the current wave in the Indian society, is the India Talks channel. India Talks channel is dedicated to allow people to discuss, opine, criticise, laud the progress made in infrastructural, political and social challenges faced by India. Such platforms are much needed in the light of the increasing importance of expression amongst the Untitledpeople. Everybody has a voice, an opinion, which needs to get through, be heard by the masses, so that it can create an impact it intended to. In the wake of heightened awareness and citizen journalism, one cannot ignore the implications of free exchange of opinions. One recent example of a debate on India Talks is about the incident involving Sonu Nigam and Air India.

Such channels mobilise opinions and help gather support for issues that matter to people. Needless to say, there are always two sides of a story, and India Talks sees comments and opinions from people with contrasting views on the same issues. Affimity app is available on both android and iOS.

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