With a new grinding unit in Madhya Pradesh, Wonder Cement inches closer to its 13 MTPA combined capacity goal

Ever since its inception in 2010, Wonder Cement has established itself as a leader in the cement manufacturing sector. With pioneering technologies backing its processes and a socially conscious approach driving each endeavor, the company has moved from strength to strength, looking back only to gather inspiration for the future. Earlier this year, Wonder Cement announced the launch of its newest grinding unit at Badnawar, Madhya Pradesh.

The Badnawar unit isn’t the only stepping stone promising to catapult Wonder Cement to further success. There are plans for another unit in the works. This one, set to be located at Jhajjar in Haryana, gives the company several advantages that improve its competitive edge in the cement manufacturing sector. 

One step closer to the 13-million ton dream

The plant at Jhajjar is strategically located in an area that’s closer to the company’s headquarters, set in Rajasthan. This gives the plant a geographical advantage that can be capitalized on to expand the company’s presence further in the neighboring states. The new world-class grinding unit at Badnawar and the proposed plant at Jhajjar are also designed to grant Wonder Cement access to newer markets in the region, where this leading entity can drive sales and bring about progress. 

Wonder Cement has invested Rs. 800 crores to set up the Badnawar and the Jhajjar cement plants. Together, these grinding units are expected to help the company build its combined production capacity to 13 million tons per annum (MTPA) by the time 2020 comes to a close. It’s undoubtedly an ambitious vision, but given Wonder Cement’s history of building upward from humble beginnings, it’s only a matter of time before this leading player in the cement industry hits the 13MTPA mark. 

Wonder Cement’s Director explains the company’s commitment to quality

Much like its parent company RK Marble, Wonder Cement has always focused on delivering quality and on building a culture that’s based upon the twin principles of trust and transparency. The company’s incredible journey to the top of the cement manufacturing sector within a decade holds no shortcuts. It’s been a constant and continuous commitment to playing it right day after day.

The words of Mr. Vivek Patni, Director at Wonder Cement, shed more light on the company’s focus on quality. “There are things which we do to maintain top-notch quality, with the way we source raw material, with our tech-based manufacturing process and efficient transportation of the product. Fundamentally, we get very good quality raw material from our mines. But what’s unique about us is not just limestone, but the stringent quality control systems. Our ardent technology and heavy investments made on machineries including scanners and filters gives us an unparalleled delivery of world class products to our end customers.”

Wonder Cement’s commitment to quality isn’t limited to process and raw material control alone. Mr. Patni explains how the company ensures the use of world-class technology to constantly improve its processes. 

“Secondly, our focus is on state-of-the-art technology with automation being the key driver of innovation and efficiency. Our Robotic lab in Nimbahera, Rajasthan ensures consistent delivery of quality cement through an automated system, thus eliminating human intervention at any of the quality testing processes.

Additionally, we have technical collaboration with German companies ThyssenKrupp and Pfeiffer Ltd., the world leaders in cement technology. At the grinding stage, the German-make vertical mills which pulverize larger clinkers to make a fine powder, to ensure that the quality and the fineness we get are of the highest order.”

In addition to quality control, Wonder Cement also invests in easing the process involved in the manufacture and trading of cement. Mr. Patni ventures to clarify some of Wonder Cement’s endeavors in this area.

“The company has also developed a mobile application E-Sampark to help dealers track their day to day business transactions, and an ePOD Process that helps them speed up their material servicing. The company is diligently automating various other functions and also enroute to making their documentation paperless.”

Wonder Cement’s network of cement plants

With 3 lines of production in place, Wonder Cement has established a wide network of cement manufacturing units in various parts of the country. Line 1 of the network was launched in March 2012, with a cement plant located in Nimbahera in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh district. Back when it was first opened for operation, this plant’s annual production capacity stood at 3.25 million tons.

Line 2 commenced in September 2015, bringing Wonder Cement’s production capacity up to 6.75 MTPA. A couple of years later, with the establishment of the company’s first grinding unit in Dhule, Maharashtra, the capacity went up to 8.75 MTPA in August 2018. Line 3 began in July 2019, at Nimbahera. Coupled with the Badnawar plant and the Jhajjar unit, this line is expected to catapult the production capacity to 13MTPA before 2020 comes to a close.

Giving back to the community

For Wonder Cement, corporate social responsibility is not merely a financial or legal compulsion. The company takes an active interest in social welfare and focuses on areas like education, developing infrastructure, health, empowering women, and improving the environment.

Mr. Vivek Patni explains the company’s efforts to give back to the community. “Wonder Cement, in partnership under state government & Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, has adopted 20 government schools since October 2012. Financial assistance of Rs. 1 lakh per school per year is provided and so far, we have given Rs. 40 lakhs as assistance for essential facilities like separate toilet for girls & boys, drinking water, pathways, furniture, minor repairing etc. in schools. 

We have initiated Swacha Gaon Nirogi Gaon Program, a sanitation program that aims to stop open defecation in villages. Through a tripartite agreement with Zila Parishad, Chittorgarh and two NGOs experienced in the sanitation field, we’ve enabled the construction of 1000 individual household toilets. So far 327 toilets have been constructed as per the standard design of government sanitation program.” 

The company also lays emphasis on operating in an environmentally responsible and energy-efficient manner. Wonder Cement’s Director, Mr. Vivek Patni describes the company’s environment-oriented policies thus:

“Cement is a material which is highly compatible to the earth’s ecosystem and most adaptable to sustainable development. In our plant we control dust at every stage with the help of the latest equipment like Reverse air bag house, ESP, Bag filters and TPS machines. 

Our Environment department set the control parameters for dust and gas emission as per govt. norms and to monitor them we have a centrally controlled system for every stack or emission point and real time data of the environment. We reduce our energy requirement year by year to reduce depletion of Natural resources by introducing lots of Energy saving initiative & techniques with our skilled production team.”