WIM vs TW Dream11 Prediction, Pitch Report, and Player Stats, 9th Match, ECS England T10 2024

The Clash of Titans

“WIM vs TW Dream11 Prediction” In the electrifying realm of ECS England T10, the 9th Match brings forth a riveting encounter between Wimbledon (WIM) and Tunbridge Wells (TW) Dream11 teams. Scheduled to unfold on Tuesday, May 28th, 2024, at the illustrious Raynes Park Sports Ground, Tunbridge Wells, this showdown promises to be a spectacle of raw talent, strategy, and unwavering determination.

WIM vs TW Dream11 Prediction: Who Holds the Edge?

Amidst the anticipation and fervor, cricket enthusiasts are pondering: Who will emerge victorious in this clash of cricketing titans? Both teams boast commendable performances, with Wimbledon securing a recent win against Twickenham, whereas Tunbridge Wells tasted defeat in their last outing against Tunbridge Wells. The Dream11 Prediction for this match hangs delicately, awaiting the unfolding drama on the pitch.

Pitch Report: Deciphering the Playing Field:

The battleground, Raynes Park Sports Ground, Tunbridge Wells, presents a tale of its own. With its bowling-friendly pitch, the stage is set for an enthralling battle between bat and ball. Spinners are poised to play a pivotal role, as evidenced by the pitch’s affinity towards spin bowling. With an average run tally of 90 in the last five matches, every run becomes a precious commodity, and every wicket a testament to skill and precision.

WIM vs TW Probable Playing 11: Unveiling the Contenders:

Wimbledon Probable XI:

  1. Matt Boyle
  2. Jack Boyle(C)
  3. Charlie Whipple
  4. Steve Reeves
  5. James Weir
  6. Nic Hucker(WK)
  7. Adam Slater
  8. Kit Winder
  9. Billy Sewell
  10. Jack Palsar
  11. Oliver Pike

Tunbridge Wells Probable XI:

  1. Sam Smith(WK/C)
  2. David Smith
  3. Zac Webb
  4. Matt Barker
  5. Freddie Freeman
  6. Will Freeman
  7. Marc Mclean
  8. Harry Youds
  9. Dileepa Jayalath
  10. Lee Cormie
  11. Mike Webb

Player Stats: Unveiling the Performers:

Wimbledon Team Batting Stats (27 May – 31 May 2024):

Player INNS NO RUNS HS AVG BF SR 100s 50s 6s 4s
Matt Boyle 2 1 34 34 34.00 8 425.00 5 1
Jack Boyle 2 1 14 14 14.00 4 350.00 2
James Weir 2 1 10 10 5 200.00 1
Charlie Whipple 2 1 10 10 10.00 6 166.67 1

Wimbledon Team Bowling Stats (27 May – 31 May 2024):

Matt Boyle 2 1.2 9 4 2/9 2.25 6.75 2.00
Kit Winder 2 2 25 1 1/12 25.00 12.50 12.00
Billy Sewell 2 2 33 1 1/16 33.00 16.50 12.00

Tunbridge Wells Team Batting Stats (27 May – 31 May 2024):

Player INNS NO RUNS HS AVG BF SR 100s 50s 6s 4s
Sam Smith 2 2 61 60 61.00 30 203.33 1 7 3
David Smith 2 2 56 56 56.00 26 215.38 1 2 11
Zac Webb 2 1 26 26 26.00 12 216.67 3

Tunbridge Wells Team Bowling Stats (27 May – 31 May 2024):

David Smith 2 3 24 2 2/13 12.00 8.00 9.00
Matt Barker 2 4 37 2 2/13 18.50 9.25 12.00
Dileepa Jayalath 2 4 43 1 1/22 43.00 10.75 24.00

WIM vs TW Dream11 Team Prediction: Crafting the Perfect Dream Team:

As anticipation mounts and strategies are meticulously crafted, assembling the ideal Dream11 team becomes paramount. In this high-stakes encounter, selecting the right combination of players can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Here’s a closer look at the must-have players for your WIM vs TW Dream11 team:

Must-Have Batsmen:

  1. Sam Smith: With a staggering 61 runs in 2 innings at an average of 61.00 and a blistering strike rate of 203.33, Sam Smith emerges as a formidable force at the crease.
  2. David Smith: Armed with 56 runs in 2 innings at an impressive average of 56.00 and a striking strike rate of 215.38, David Smith poses a significant threat to the opposition.
  3. Matt Boyle: With a quickfire 34 runs in just 1 inning at a remarkable average of 34.00 and an astonishing strike rate of 425.00, Matt Boyle is a batsman to watch out for.
  4. Jack Boyle: Despite a modest 14 runs in 1 inning, Jack Boyle’s ability to accelerate the scoring with a strike rate of 350.00 makes him a valuable asset in any Dream11 team.

Must-Have Bowlers:

  1. David Smith: With 2 crucial wickets in 2 innings at an economical rate of 8.00, David Smith’s knack for breakthroughs makes him a vital component of the bowling attack.
  2. Matt Barker: Armed with 2 wickets in 2 innings at an economy rate of 9.25, Matt Barker brings both skill and economy to the table, posing a threat to opposing batsmen.
  3. Matt Boyle: Leading the bowling charts with 4 wickets in 2 innings at an impressive economy rate of 6.75, Matt Boyle’s ability to strike at crucial junctures makes him a top pick.
  4. Kit Winder: Despite limited opportunities, Kit Winder’s knack for picking up wickets at critical moments, coupled with an economy rate of 12.50, makes him a valuable asset in the bowling department.

With these stalwarts forming the backbone of your Dream11 team, victory beckons on the horizon. As the players take to the field, each delivery, each stroke, and each catch will shape the destiny of the match. So, gear up, cricket aficionados, for a spectacle unlike any other as Wimbledon and Tunbridge Wells lock horns in a battle for supremacy in the ECS England T10 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Q: What is the significance of ECS England T10 in the cricketing landscape?
    • A: ECS England T10 serves as a platform for emerging talents to showcase their skills in a fast-paced, action-packed format, garnering attention from cricket enthusiasts worldwide.
  2. Q: How does the pitch at Raynes Park Sports Ground influence gameplay?
    • A: The pitch at Raynes Park Sports Ground favors bowlers, especially spinners, owing to its conducive conditions for spin bowling, thus adding an extra dimension to the game.
  3. Q: Who are the key players to watch out for in the WIM vs TW Dream11 clash?
    • A: Players like Sam Smith, David Smith, Matt Boyle, and Jack Boyle are expected to play pivotal roles, showcasing their prowess with both bat and ball.
  4. Q: What factors should one consider while crafting a Dream11 team for this match?
    • A: Factors such as recent form, pitch conditions, player statistics, and head-to-head matchups can significantly influence the selection process for assembling a winning Dream11 team.
  5. Q: How crucial is the role of captain and vice-captain in Dream11 cricket?
    • A: The captain and vice-captain hold immense significance as their performance fetches double and 1.5 times the points, respectively, making their selection a strategic decision.
  6. Q: What are some key statistics to consider while analyzing player performance for Dream11?
    • A: Batting average, strike rate, bowling economy rate, wickets taken, and consistency in performance across matches are crucial statistics to assess a player’s Dream11 potential.


In the realm of cricket, where every delivery unfolds a new chapter, the clash between Wimbledon and Tunbridge Wells transcends mere competition; it symbolizes the relentless pursuit of excellence, the unwavering spirit of sportsmanship, and the enduring legacy of the game. As fans brace themselves for an exhilarating showdown, the stage is set for a spectacle of unparalleled proportions. So, buckle up, cricket enthusiasts, for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as the WIM vs TW Dream11 clash unfolds, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of cricketing history.