Who Will Be Responsible for Robot Errors?

Welcome to a technologically advanced world where robots are no longer an imaginary character. Robots exist in the real world – they are cleaning homes, helping kids with homework, playing kasyno online bonus bez depozytu with human beings, and even changing the face of the earth. Hold that thought! Robots can also cause harm to people and destroy non-living objects. Just like the microwave oven or television malfunctions after a couple of years, robot errors are a possibility too. 

The question is – Who is responsible for robot errors? Robots could go out there and start killing people, animals and destroying objects. A robot killed a German factory employee in 2015, and later, a Michigan worker was killed in 2017. Someone needs to take the blame. Well, here’s an article that sheds light on this subject. Keep reading. 

RoboCrime: What You Need to Know 

When a robot kills someone, it’s just half a crime. But it is still a crime (actus reus). There is a very important question to answer – How do you determine men’s rea? How would we get to know why the robot committed a crime? Those are two difficult questions that lawyers need to answer. 

Even cross-examining a robot cannot be done as the robot is programmed to perform certain functions and say limited things. Robots are not the same as the ones you see in Hollywood movies. Robots have been caught buying drugs and even killing people. They say ‘to err is human,’ but a robot is flawed too. They cannot think, feel, and behave like normal human beings. 

Can You Blame the Robot? 

A robot cannot be blamed for the crime or error. They are not intelligent beings. We can say that with full confidence because a robot is made of metal and plastic. Can you send a gadget to prison? There is no way a robot can fight a court case because they are just gadgets. A robot is programmed to run algorithms and follow flow charts. 

Yes, they call it artificial intelligence, but there is a lot more stress on the word ‘artificial’. A robot does not have any feelings (sadness, anger, jealousy, or insecurity). They are free from emotions, so there is no purpose behind killing a man or an animal. If they destroyed objects in your surroundings, you could not pinpoint the reason for doing so. 

Who is Responsible for Robot Errors? 

Human beings are responsible for errors. Who made the machine? If a specific robot commits a crime, the maker will be answerable for the unlawful act. A product liability law states that if a robot commits a crime, the manufacturers are liable for it. Your company may have noble intentions, but the error was caused by negligence. Moreover, it would be best if you had had more control over the actions of the robot. 

Unfortunately, there are no clear rules or laws because human beings are still new to robots and driverless cars. However, whenever intelligent technology arrives and starts interacting with human beings, punishment and risks will be relevant.