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What do you want, UGC?

What do you want, UGC?

By Rohit Verma

Edited by Shambhavi Singh, Senior Editor, The Indian Economist

Education has been a problem in our country since time immemorial. Its lack has been blamed on all different kinds of anti-elements for many years now. Since the colonial times, very few things have been changed in the education sector. Now, India has IITs, IISs, IIMs among other bodies of excellence which are known as the stores of innovative brains. The knowledge system in our country is more inclined towards scoring above 95%; even students who score more than 95% find it tough to get admission in the institution of their dreams.

Recently, there was a strange news floating in the corridors of one of the most reputed institutions across India. After scrapping all the FYUP courses except some in the University of Delhi, UGC is now urging Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), Indian Institute of Science (IIS), and some other reputed institutes in the field of innovation and knowledge to deploy the same policy in their houses. This change seems to be pretty needless to experiment on this scale. These institutions have been performing exceedingly well. They are known to be the backbone of the Indian Education System. UGC should not go ahead with this experiment, as it can lead to a fall in the quality of education provided in India.

We are citizens of a nation where we see education as the only platform for climbing the economic and social ladder. If the Indian Education System fails, then it would lead to the crumbling of millions of dreams.

The Indian Education System is failing because of intrinsic reasons. There are systemic faults that do not let our education system improve into a great marketplace with excellent education services.

Without the applications of mind, the UGC is not moving in the right direction with this step to scrap the FYUP in Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Science and other reputed institutions. These institutions always try to create something innovative which adds value to the GDP of this country. The reason behind the UGC’s thought process is quite unexplanatory.

In Universities of countries like the United States, an FYUP course is being counted as a more valuable course rather than a three year course which is prevalent in our country. So if the students of our country move to such countries to pursue higher studies, they find it really difficult to get into a good college. In a nutshell, outside our boundaries, our education system is being evaluated as a low level educational system. So to remove this kind of stereotypical evaluation, we need to maintain the innovation and proficiency level of these gems (reputed institutions) in our country, and such experiments should not be take place.

Rohit is an ingenious and a very industrious personality. He is presently persuing Bachelor of Business Studies from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi. He has worked as a Business Development Executive for a well renowned organization, Neon Group of Institutions. He has befittingly shaped himself by grabbing much experience from organizing many college events. He has a vision to see our nation as a developed and self-reliant nation in basis by empowering the future of the country i.e., our human capital.

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