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TIE Asks – Party vs Candidate

TIE Asks – Party vs Candidate

Introduction to the topic:

With the Lok Sabha elections approaching, each individual has a different strategy and a different viewpoint on whom they will vote for. But there are two issues that affect an individual – local and national. While a party’s candidate is the one who will play an influential role in local issues, it is the party’s central leadership at the national level which will influence national economics and politics.

There is sometimes a conflict, when the voters are confused whom to vote for. For instance, in the case of Nandan Nilekani – while voters may (or may not) believe that he is a good candidate, and appropriate for them at the local level, they may not (or may) be equally confident about voting for his party – The Indian National Congress, at the national level.

The Indian Economist asks you:

What do YOU think is more important? Is the PARTY more important than the CANDIDATE? Or the other way around?

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This competition is open till the 10th of April!

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