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TIE Asks: Modi – Does Growth erase Violence?

TIE Asks: Modi – Does Growth erase Violence?

There is perhaps no doubt that the Lok Sabha elections this year, due in just about a few days now, has set up to become the political climax in the independent history of India. Be it the ‘Modi Sarkar’ chant that has literally spread like a virus across social media, or the rise of the ‘Aam aadmi’ that has taken the nation by a storm.

While opinion polls have more or less written off the ‘mighty’ incumbent government, is it just a little too early to count out the Congress’ political mileage? With Kejriwal set to take on Modi at the Hindi heartland of Varanasi, does the Aam Aadmi Party have enough firepower in its belly to deliver at the polls, like it did in December last year at Delhi? Or will the BJP ride high on its recent successes and Modi’s Mission 272+ become the game changer at the elections this year?

Against that backdrop, as we run up to India’s biggest political drama that is set to unfold over the next month or so, TIE wants to know your comments and views on the question of the hour: 

Are Modi’s ‘Pro-Market and ‘Growth’ credentials sufficient to erase the blot of the 2002 Gujarat Riots?

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