These are the best US states for LGBTQ+ people to live and work, new research reveals

Massachusetts has been revealed as the best state for US LGBTQ+ citizens to live and work in, according to a new study released by

The newly released US Workplace Equality Index has named the best and worst US states for LGBTQ+ workers, analysing factors across LGBT rights, employment and overall quality of life.

The top 10 states for LGBTQ+ workers according to the US Workplace Equality Index are:

1) Massachusetts

2) Colorado

3) Minnesota

4) Washington

5) California

6) Maryland

7) Nevada

8) Illinois

9) New Hampshire

10) Hawaii

The study determined the best states by closely analysing each of the below factors across every state:

  • Percentage of LGBTQ+ population
  • Hate crime protection against LGBT discrimination
  • LGBTQ+ Property Rights
  • LGBTQ+ Employment Rights
  • Average Salary
  • Living Costs
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Social Activities
  • Overall Happiness

Massachusetts came out as a front-runner across every factor analysed – from laws to protect against hate crime, to a high average salary of  $66,069 and a low unemployment rate.

In second place is Colorado with a slightly lower LGBTQ+ population and lower average income tha Massachusetts. However, Colorado did also offer lower living costs and a high level of social activities.

Ranking as the worst state for LGBTQ+ workers is Mississippi, which does not have necessary laws in place to protect LGBTQ+ workers against discrimination.

Check out the full results over on the report page here.