The Unsolved Mystery of King Von’s Autopsy: An In-Depth Analysis

The tragic death of rapper King Von, born Dayvon Daquan Bennett, has left a significant mark on the hip-hop community. Known for his raw lyrics and gripping storytelling, King Von quickly rose to fame, leaving an indelible legacy despite his brief career. On November 6, 2020, his life was cut short in a shooting incident outside an Atlanta nightclub, sparking widespread speculation and sorrow among fans and peers.

The King Von autopsy has been a topic of intense interest and controversy, as details about the rapper’s final moments and the nature of his death have gradually emerged. This article aims to provide a comprehensive examination of King Von’s autopsy findings, the events leading to his death, and the broader impact on the hip-hop world.

Quick Data Points

Detail Information
Name King Von (Dayvon Daquan Bennett)
Date of Death November 6, 2020
Cause of Death Multiple gunshot wounds
Autopsy Findings Gunshots to chest, back of head, and right hand
Substances Found Marijuana, codeine, promethazine, high blood alcohol
Date of Autopsy Report November 8, 2020
Key Individuals Involved Quando Rondo’s group, Timothy Leeks

The Rise of King Von

Early Life and Career Beginnings

King Von, born Dayvon Daquan Bennett on August 9, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois, had a tumultuous early life marked by violence and legal troubles. His upbringing in Chicago’s notorious Parkway Gardens, also known as “O-Block,” profoundly influenced his music, which often depicted the harsh realities of street life.

Breakthrough and Major Releases

King Von’s musical journey took off when he signed with fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk’s label, Only the Family (OTF). His debut single, “Crazy Story,” released in 2018, quickly gained traction, showcasing his storytelling prowess and raw lyrical style. The success of “Crazy Story” paved the way for his debut mixtape, “Grandson, Vol. 1,” in 2019, which solidified his presence in the rap scene.

Debut Album: Welcome to O’Block

In October 2020, King Von released his highly anticipated debut studio album, “Welcome to O’Block.” The album received critical acclaim and commercial success, debuting at number 13 on the Billboard 200 chart. Featuring collaborations with notable artists like Lil Durk and Polo G, “Welcome to O’Block” highlighted King Von’s growth as an artist and storyteller.

The Night of the Incident

Events Leading Up to the Shooting

On the night of November 6, 2020, King Von was involved in a confrontation outside Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta. The altercation quickly escalated into a physical fight, drawing the attention of off-duty police officers working security at the venue. As the fight continued, gunfire erupted, resulting in multiple people being shot, including King Von.

Immediate Aftermath

King Von was transported to a nearby hospital but succumbed to his injuries shortly after arrival. The Atlanta Police Department arrested Timothy Leeks, a known associate of rapper Quando Rondo, in connection with the shooting. The incident, captured on surveillance footage, sparked widespread outrage and grief within the hip-hop community.

Autopsy Results and Findings

Details of the Autopsy Report

The autopsy of King Von was conducted by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office. The report revealed that King Von sustained multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the right hand, three to the chest, and one to the back of the head. The presence of soot and gunpowder around some of the wounds indicated that he was shot at close range.

Toxicology Report

The toxicology report accompanying the autopsy found traces of marijuana, codeine, and promethazine in King Von’s system, along with a high blood alcohol level. These substances are commonly associated with recreational use and were not deemed to have contributed to his death directly.

Impact on the Hip-Hop Community

Reactions from Fans and Artists

The death of King Von sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community. Many artists expressed their condolences and paid tribute to the late rapper on social media. Fans, devastated by the loss, shared memories and highlights of his career, solidifying his legacy as one of the most promising talents in recent years.

Legacy and Influence

King Von’s influence extended beyond his music. He was known for his charitable efforts and desire to uplift his community. Despite his criminal past, King Von’s music often reflected a deeper understanding of the struggles faced by those growing up in violent environments, making his storytelling resonate with a broad audience.

Controversies and Speculations

Leak of Autopsy Photos

Shortly after King Von’s death, graphic photos purportedly from his autopsy began circulating online. The unauthorized release of these images sparked outrage among fans and celebrities alike, who condemned the violation of privacy and disrespect towards the deceased artist.

Conspiracy Theories and Allegations

The circumstances surrounding King Von’s death have fueled numerous conspiracy theories and allegations. Some speculate that rival factions within the hip-hop industry were involved, while others believe that King Von’s criminal past caught up with him. Despite various theories, the true motive behind the shooting remains unclear.

The Investigation and Legal Proceedings

Arrest and Charges Against Timothy Leeks

Timothy Leeks, also known as Lul Tim, was arrested and charged with felony murder in connection with King Von’s death. Leeks’ association with Quando Rondo, who was present at the scene, added another layer of complexity to the case. As legal proceedings unfold, the hip-hop community closely watches for any developments.

Role of Law Enforcement

The involvement of off-duty police officers at the scene has raised questions about the response and actions taken during the altercation. The Atlanta Police Department has faced scrutiny regarding their handling of the incident and the subsequent investigation.

King Von’s Musical Legacy

Posthumous Releases

Following his death, several posthumous releases have kept King Von’s legacy alive. Tracks like “Wayne’s Story” and “Armed & Dangerous” have continued to resonate with fans, showcasing his unparalleled storytelling ability and lyrical prowess.

Impact on Future Artists

King Von’s influence on the next generation of rappers cannot be overstated. His unique style and honest portrayal of street life have inspired many up-and-coming artists to share their own stories, contributing to the evolving landscape of hip-hop.


1. Who was King Von?

King Von, born Dayvon Daquan Bennett, was a Chicago-born rapper known for his raw lyrics and storytelling. He gained fame with hits like “Crazy Story” and “Took Her to the O.”

2. What happened to King Von?

King Von was shot and killed during a confrontation outside an Atlanta nightclub on November 6, 2020. The incident involved members of rapper Quando Rondo’s group.

3. What did the autopsy reveal?

The autopsy revealed that King Von died from multiple gunshot wounds, including shots to the chest, back of the head, and right hand. The report also noted the presence of marijuana, codeine, and promethazine in his system.

4. Who was arrested for King Von’s death?

Timothy Leeks, also known as Lul Tim, was arrested and charged with felony murder in connection with King Von’s death.

5. Were there any substances found in King Von’s system?

Yes, the toxicology report found traces of marijuana, codeine, and promethazine, along with a high blood alcohol level.

6. What impact did King Von have on hip-hop?

King Von’s raw storytelling and lyrical style left a lasting impact on the hip-hop community. His music resonated with fans and inspired future artists to share their own stories.

7. What was King Von’s debut album?

King Von’s debut studio album was “Welcome to O’Block,” released in October 2020. The album received critical acclaim and commercial success.

8. How did fans react to King Von’s death?

Fans and fellow artists expressed deep sorrow and paid tribute to King Von on social media. His death was a significant loss to the hip-hop community.

9. Were there any controversies after King Von’s death?

Yes, the unauthorized release of graphic autopsy photos sparked outrage among fans and celebrities. Additionally, various conspiracy theories and allegations have emerged regarding the circumstances of his death.

10. What is King Von’s legacy?

King Von’s legacy lives on through his music, which continues to resonate with fans. His storytelling ability and portrayal of street life have left a lasting influence on hip-hop.


The tragic death of King Von has left an indelible mark on the hip-hop community. His music, characterized by raw storytelling and lyrical prowess, continues to inspire and resonate with fans worldwide. While the exact circumstances of his death remain shrouded in mystery, the legacy of King Von endures through his posthumous releases and the profound impact he had on the genre. As the investigation and legal proceedings unfold, the hip-hop world remains united in mourning the loss of a promising talent gone too soon.