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The Perspective- The latest news and views on Science.

The Perspective- The latest news and views on Science.

The Perspective is an initiative by a few science undergraduates to discuss and bring to you the latest happenings in the world of science and education. We will bring you our own views and those of our fellow students in matters of scientific interest. Our first posts will go live from midnight at +0 GMT. In our endeavor to get you the latest science and technology fads, we will provide gadget reviews and discussions on important and current scientific milestones. In a bid to provide a personal touch, we will also discuss the pertinent issues regarding the education system and the views of science undergraduates directly as interviews or articles.


We will also try to publish original reports and/or papers by students on any science related topic as part of our monthly edition.

Any contribution in the form of articles, pictures, sketches, cartoons, scrambles, video lectures, original or review papers, internship reports etc. are most welcome and should be sent to our e-mail at [email protected]

Our facebook link is


Our wordpress site is


Do stay tuned for our inaugural edition on 1st January, 2015.

For any further queries correspond through our gmail account.


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