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Speech Therapy for Politicians

Speech Therapy for Politicians

By  Anuj Sabharwal

‘Speech therapy’ in medical terms means advanced training of people having speech and language problems. It is concerned with the management of disorders of speech, language, communication and in some cases problems with neurological impairments and mental disorder.

Then there is famous ‘Bagga Therapy’ which is popular among Twittermania and ‘Talk to my Hand Gang.’ This therapy was given to Prashan Bhushan for his derogatory and inflammable remarks on highly volatile Kashmir issue. I do not agree with ‘Bagga Therapy’ and prefer softer ‘Speech Therapy’. In first look the recent hate speech by politicians like Azam Khan or Amit Shah does not fit into above mentioned category. Both the masses and elites are wondering over the wagging tongues of the mighty muscle men of all political parties. The Election Commission has banned and asked Uttar Pradesh government not to give permission of road shows, processions or rallies which could have presence of Amit Shah of Bhartiya Janta Party and Azam Khan of Samajwadi Party.

Let us see what was said which prompted Election Commission to act swiftly. The close aide of BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Shri Narendra Modi, ex Home Minister of Gujarat, Amit Shah said at the election meeting near riot hit Muzzafarnagar, ”You have been treated as second-class citizens. It’s now time to take revenge.” To me, he talked about revenge via vote. Though it was interpreted as something else. Uttar Pradesh Minister Azam Khan made derogatory remarks for Narendra Modi at a public meeting calling him a goon and a rioter. Azam Khan also said, “Different peaks of Kargil Hills were captured by Muslim soldiers of Indian Army and no Hindu was involved.” This statement is enough to make even the elites furious. It is unfortunate and injustice for the families of soldiers who gave their lives fighting war. Azam Khan targeted Modi when he has been given clean chit by Indian Courts. His remarks on Kargil war and Narendra Modi certainly come under the category of inflammatory speech. The Election Commission felt that these statements were ‘promoting feelings of enmity, hatred and creating disharmony among different religions on religious grounds. These provocative statements being made by them are highly dangerous and likely to disturb peace and public tranquility. These derogatory and inflammatory statements are inappropriate at this point. It is good to see that Election Commission is not a toothless tiger and went ahead to book Azam Khan legally. It is said that from the deepest desires comes the deepest hate. It was good to see that people maintained calm as they could see the desires of opportunist politicians like Azam Khan.

Unfazed by the Election Commission’s action against him, Azam Khan continued to make provocative remarks. He said at a Bijnor rally, “Sanjay Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were punished by Allah for forcible sterilization and Shilanyas at the disputed site in Ayodhya.”

I need to correct, Azam Khan needs both kind of therapies.

Writer by passion, self employed and views are personal. Hates women abusers, loves art, music, tweets on politics and dreams of better society. Can be contacted on [email protected]

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