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Saga Of The Rape Ganj

Saga Of The Rape Ganj

By Prachi Bhardwaj

Edited by Nidhi Singh, Junior Editor, The Indian Economist

Once upon a time there was a town known as “Rape Ganj”. All the men of this town were exceedingly naive and humble. They respected women so much that whenever they saw them they raped them. The definition of rape in this town was as uncomplicated as love without consent. And women’s consent was considered as unimportant as her waxed hair. And not considering her consent important enough was considered as unimportant as her day to day pains. The women of these town were instructed to not consider all that was considered unimportant in her regard as crime because it was all done by the most generous males of the town who were old enough just by a number but actually they were cute kids by heart. Clean and pure, like a mirror (did I just say back of the mirror, may be?). But there were a few women who made a committee to fight against this instruction. The head of this committee was a very sturdy woman who blew fire with her words and actions. Her actions were so substantial that whenever any rape used to take place in the town, she used to answer what a few journalists asked her and reported an FIR against those who committed it. When the first rape took place, she filed an FIR and when the 10000th rape took place, she was gutsy enough to do the same. There can never be a woman born with these guts to file an FIR every time a rape was committed. Chauvinism was the religion of this town and an epic written by Sri Asaram Bapu was the holy book. To rape was progress and for women to have sex was a sin, because of which how were children born was never talked of and was the biggest kept secret. Women who went out of home to work were molested. Every year an Annual Event was organized by the head of the town and one woman out of all was awarded with a trophy and cash prize for not uttering a word and getting raped willingly throughout that particular year.

When everything was going smooth under the guidance of Mr.Gulayam Singh Yadav who was immensely generous and benevolent to forgive small mistakes like rapes and molestations, one fine day, a girl raised her voice against the malpractices of the town. The girl was first beaten publicly and then was abandoned from the town. This stringent action against her was set as an example for others in the town. Not even a female dog could bark under his canon.

Gradually, the evils starting showing their colors and all the fertile land of this town went barren. There was not even a single crop which grew to feed the humans (animals) of the town. The people considering Gulayam’s suggestion the only option moved to the nearby city, Delhi.For a few years Gulayam had to live under pathetic circumstances where there were extremely few cases of rape and molestations. Women protested and raised voices against crimes. There were clans of insane people known as ‘journalists’ who always threatened about divulging crimes and traps. Gulayam then saw a dream. The dream. The dream was that one day he will bring his village’s tradition in Delhi. He began to look for the most effective ways he could follow to succeed and make his dream come true.

Eventually, he realized that not all those voices echoing in the society is for real. First such group of women who he came to know, called themselves as ‘feminists’, were actually more busy in raising their voices against the movies which released with obscene scenes in them. Gulayam now knew so well the trick to befool the ‘fools’. The next big thing he realized was the power of money in the city. Every man no matter to what race, religion, color, family did he belong was on sale, if you could  water enough his ‘money plant’. And those who he knew he can not buy with his money can be easily made quiet by those who he could buy. Master plan was set.

The next goal was to earn money. He now realized that there was a different color of this money he could earn called ‘black money’. The rule was keep it a secret till you save it. Once saved anyone could hardly do anything later. And the target now was a political party. These people, whom the citizens elected to rule, ruled full fledged. Gulayam on solving all the complexities of the system found everything so hilarious that after earning his first ‘salary’ through his political career; he got a statue made outside his house, hand on stomach and laughing hard.

It took less than a year for him to earn a lot of black money and now he let his men free to rape and rule. Now, he had the power to buy whosoever became the hurdle of his way. Gradually his dream came true. Every day it evolved to turn to hell. And his dream still continues to prosper and reach the heights of success. Not only him, millions like him are today living in harmony; because every story has a ‘happy ending’.

What exactly is the weapon of an evil mind? Realising the weakness of a system and becoming the ruler. The anguish with which we listen to pathetic comments like “men are innocent, they should not be punished for raping a woman” gets buried in may be 2 days or 2 weeks. He who has the guts to speak such things is not foolish enough to not know that hardly anything will happen for his unacceptable remarks. He is not the ruler but what he says is a motivation to lakhs of men like him. He is heard, millions like me are not.

Prachi  is a writer, theatre director and a literature student from Delhi University, currently pursuing French literature from Alliance Francais de. She is a cinephile and poetry lover and has an innate penchant towards stories conclusive of innumerable paths leading to several parallel worlds. Passionate about books, traveling and photography, a firm believer of creation and skeptic of infidelity. Rebel and non conformist, rover and spirited with right amount of faith in the pocket and vindication in heart she aspires to bring requited changes in the world by not teaching the society but by learning the human stories all around. Can be reached at

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