Rooftop swimming pools: Crowning glory of luxury real estate

Luxury real estate in the country has grown by leaps and bounds, with a steady increase in the number of High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs). The standards of luxury also keep evolving alongside, with branded homes and technology-driven homes catching the eye of potential buyers.

However, even in the world of luxury real estate, rooftop swimming pools are often considered to be reserved for the elite few. Some claim to add such pools to use up the valuable real estate on the rooftops, which often goes waste. Others trace the demand to the growing preference given to outdoor swimming pools, even if that outdoor is several storeys up, as it counts as an improvement from the often claustrophobic, chlorine-doused setting of most indoor pools. Any which way, such pools definitely add a touch of serenity within an urban setting, and are surely the crown jewels of luxury real estate.

Luckily, for those who’d wish to indulge in a swim hundreds of feet in the air, Prestige Group is bringing a rooftop pool to make your head swim in our very own Kochi, with Prestige Cityscape and Panorama

The development is coming up in the promising Vytilla-Aroor Bypass and is expected to set a prelude for future architects, with its state-of-the-art facilities along with enrapturing visuals. While Prestige Cityscape has spacious three and four bedroom homes, Prestige Panorama offers two and three-bedroom apartments. Both the developments assure luxury, associating it with a sense of indulgence, exclusivity, quality and refinement.

As for the location, with the development of IT/ITeS projects such as the Kochi Smart City and initiatives to channelize traffic and improve connectivity, Kochi is witnessing a major boom in the real estate sector. The city was, in fact, recently dubbed as the next IT hub, owing to “its low manpower cost, stable political environment and robust infrastructure”. In such an environment, Kochi is one of the fast movers leapfrogging on the shift of real estate out of the biggest metros in the south. For the emerging metropolis, this boom is especially visible in the luxury real estate sector. Investments in this sector are therefore being expected to garner high returns. 

Further, the project is strategically positioned to benefit families, with easy access to reputed schools, shopping areas, hospitals, recreational areas, public gardens and several other public amenities. Prestige Cityscape has the renowned Forum Mall within its premises. The apartment is, however, placed distinctly away from the mall to preserve the serenity of the abode. This is what sets the project apart from others of its kind—the luxury in the lap of urban comfort. 

Now let’s come back to the exquisite swimming pool. The pool is also supplemented with a well-equipped clubhouse, complete with a clubhouse, gym and party hall—all this at the 18th floor, with a riveting view of the city with the sobriquet ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. The project is, therefore, on top of the luxury real estate game in the country, beginning at an unbelievably attractive price of Rs. 78 lakhs onwards. Dreaming of taking a dip under the clear blue sky in an open pool merely a lift ride away from your home? For more information, you may visit their website, which contains all details you might need to make one of these homes your own. If you want to know more about the Prestige Firm and their other projects, then add Prestige to your life.