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A Rainbow Of Chaos

A Rainbow Of Chaos

By Siddhant Vora

Edited by Liz Maria Kuriakose, Associate Editor, The Indian Economist

People quite often escalate a situation, beyond celebration to victory. The purpose behind an achievement is to achieve much more but if the former attitude is maintained, the impetus begins to fade away. There is always a celebration for those who seek freedom or change, but one should be more concerned about the responsibilities which lie ahead. A celebration to a war victory is infantile, for it is time to scoop out what remains and fortify oneself with the worn out tools, a challenge more acute than coming to power.

The BJP’s unanimous victory is a milestone in Indian history as is Modi’s prodigious overcoming of obstacles to become the man India bestows its hopes upon. But has not the test of mettle just begun in spite of Modi being the Herculean leader he is? As the country stares at a sub-5% growth stunted over the recent years, it is BJP’s reckoning to reverse the damage done. But being as happy of the new coming as I am, I also remain perplexed by the topics of exaltation in household India, which seems to have lost the agenda.

It seemed to be a substantial concern leading to discussions upon what shall be served during the swearing in. States did not take much time before conceiving our PM’s life into school curriculum. I bear reverence towards NaMo for his taming of hurdles into his favour, but that cannot neglect the fact that such an idea is an unnecessary upsurge in an unnecessary time. Time shall not have to wait much till Modiji attains all promised and then such a wondrous prospectus can be conceived for all to learn, but till then, it is an unripe epoch. It was the sagacity of our dedicated leader to understand the importance of a 12 hour regime over looming self-appraisal.

As we remain the frenzied mass flocking in divisive collective identity, we also have the opposites. Those who fail to move ahead of the ‘saudagar’ debate. Though less in number, they are passionate in their disregard for the new power. Ones who know that each community has accepted the new power but do not want to learn of the stupendous rise and warmth of a leader from the ashes of the past. They chose to dwell in the past neglecting the fact that the leader has been chosen and the only healthy discussion can be ‘what now’!

What is appalling is the irrelevance of both the schools of thought. The matter which demands hope, concern and a healthy debate is: what is to be done? Issues such as subsidies and commodities, NFU, the FFI and FPI imbroglio, justice for our heroes tortured across the border, to name a few, need our attention. Whether Smriti Irani was a graduate or not does not matter as much as her belief in the need of higher education does. Her immediate fighting for it would remotely compensate her lack of a degree according to our former educated minister’s zero loss theory, wouldn’t it?

It is not time to dwell in chaotic situations and sustain the way we are. It is time to adore what we have to produce the order we deserve.

Siddhant Vora is an engineering student at MIT,Manipal pursuing the diverse field of Mechatronics. Being passionate about writing, seeking awareness and debates, it seems absurd to see the reluctance of few towards policy, law, economics and politics only because it does not concern their education domain. You may not be concerned, but these shall always concern you.

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