Rahul Gandhi becomes ‘Coolie’ in New Delhi, Priyanka Gandhi dances the ‘Suva’ in poll-bound Chhattisgarh

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi Thursday morning made a surprise visit to the Anand Vihar Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) in New Delhi.

In a video surfaced online, the Congress leader can be seen surrounded by coolies as he donned the coolie uniform and carried a luggage on his head.

Gandhi wore the porters’ trademark red shirt and badge, and carried a suitcase his head during an interaction with porters at the terminal.

This comes after porters urged Gandhi to visit them to understand their issues and work towards their betterment.

In the video, Gandhi is carrying a blue-coloured suitcase on his head as the crowd cheered ‘Rahul Gandhi zindabad.’

Congress Gen Sec Priyanka Gandhi addresses rally in Chhattisgarh

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Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, during a visit to Bhilai city in Chhattisgarh Thursday for a Mahila Samruddhi Sammelan (woman prosperity conference), cautioned people that with elections nearing, there will be ‘attempts to mislead people on lines of religion and caste, but voters must ask what the government has done for them.’

Without directly naming the BJP, she said the rules of politics have changed over the years. Recalling an incident with her father, former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, she said, ‘My father and I had gone to visit Amethi and he was interacting with citizens.

An old woman scolded him because the road in her area got washed away in the rain. I asked my father later whether he felt bad and he replied no; he said he and the old woman were doing their duties. This was the politics back then..’

Gandhi was addressing a public rally with over a lakh women in attendance.

Gandhi criticised the government’s spending on events like the G20 Summit and the Yashobhoomi project while neglecting issues like development, unemployment, and rising essential item prices. 

Gandho said ‘The government spent INR 27,000 crore on the recently-held G20 Summit in New Delhi, spent INR 20,000 crore on Yashobhoomi, but they (Centre) won’t be able to answer if you question them on development, unemployment, hike in prices of essential items.’

While emphasising that the economically backward sections and the middle class should not be ignored. Gandhi also commented on Chhattisgarh’s governance, stating that it still relies on ‘old political principles and practices.’

‘There is nothing wrong in hosting a global conclave. It is a matter of pride for every Indian if the stature of the country is elevated before a global audience. But in doing so, the economically-backward sections and the middle class should not be neglected. They should not forget who voted them to power,’ said Gandhi.

When Priyanka Gandhi saw a group of Suva dancers, she then joined in started dancing along with them..

Suva dance is very popular in Chhattisgarh. Women perform this dance around Diwali.

According to folklore, women sing songs conveying messages through parrots, expressing their hearts’ feelings with the belief that the parrot will convey the agony of their heart to their lover.

This folk song is usually sung during the paddy harvest. After Diwali, Gondi women continue singing the song for two months. Through Suva songs, they expresses their voice and sing about society and the issues of their time. This dance performed in groups wearing green costumes.