Qrius Quotient: India’s Latest GDP Figures

News By The Numbers: State of the Indian economy in the wake of the pandemic and threat of new variants like Omicron

India’s gross domestic product witnessed a growth of 8.4% in the quarter ended September 2021

National Statistical Office

The latest growth figures are higher than the 7.9% and 8.1% projections made by RBI monetary policymakers


GDP growth in quarter-on-quarter terms was 10.4% in September 2021, due to the second wave of COVID-19.

Private Final Consumption Expenditure (PFCE), which has a share of more than 50% in overall GDP, is still below pre-pandemic levels.

The central government’s capital spending between April and October stood at ₹2.53 trillion, which is higher for the same period than the 2020-21 and 2019-20 values at ₹1.97 trillion and ₹2.01 trillion respectively, in nominal terms.

Agriculture and allied activities continued to buck the overall trend in 2021-22 as well, with both June and September quarters’ YOY growth numbers registering 4.5% growth

Nominal growth in agriculture and allied activities however came down from 11.1% in the June quarter to 7.9%, due to food inflation, ratio of agricultural and non-agricultural prices and low rural demand

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