Q Contraire: How Much Of Your Life Is Luck?

Do you succeed if you work hard?

Elon Musk has ingrained himself into pop culture as one of the the hardest working people perhaps on planet Earth, at least that is the public perception. Does that not, however, apply to the thousands that work at Tesla, where Musk is CEO?

Hard work, along with resiliency is the key to success, some say. No matter how many failure you can face, it will harden you and give you the ability to never loose sight on your goal.

You may lose people around you on that path, either because they have some personal inhibitions, or they aren’t resilient enough or just that they don’t believe in you and may be envious of your resolve or plain jealous of some quality you have that they don’t, in their minds. Maybe you are taller, more intelligent, more fit, have all your hair still, I don’t know.

In the end, your main goal is to be satisfied by your achievements, the rest will only belong to history.

Mindset is number one in my view, no mindset, no go.

Luck however might be the single most factor that can single-handedly change your life for better or worse.

You can prepare and work hard all you like, but if you are not in the right place at the right time or if lady luck decides to throw a curve ball thrice and you strike out, then there is precious little you can do about extraneous circumstances out of your control.

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