Qrius Quotient: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s 128th Death Anniversary

Lesser-known facts about the poet who wrote India’s National Song, ‘Vande Mataram’

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee was born to a Bengali Orthodox Brahmin Family on 26 June 1838, in Naihati, West Bengal

Chatterjee was married at the early age of 11

He wrote the song ‘Vande Mataram’ on November 7, 1875

The poem was first sung by Rabindranath Tagore in the 1896 session of the Indian National Congress

He published his novel Anandamath, depicting a Sanyasi army fighting the British soldiers, in 1882. It also had verses of Vande Mataram

He was one of the first graduates of the University of Calcutta.

Vande Mataram was adopted on January 24, 1950, providing it equal status with National Anthem Jana Gana Mana.

 The original Vande Mataram comprises of 6 stanzas

Vande Mataram was translated into prose by Shri Aurobindo in his work, Karmayogin, on 20 November 1909

Bangadarshan was a monthly publishing literary magazine started by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in April 1972

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