Q Contraire: Why Are You Constantly Disrespected?

Insecurity is the most common quirk of human behavior and afflicts the best of us.

Intelligence, fashion, attractiveness, wealth, social status, efficiency, physical and emotional strength, even authenticity, are all things people feel insecure about, due to the lack of it, whether perceived or real.

However insecurity can manifest itself in people with all of the above in abundance too. It may show itself through what we forcefully pursue and what we try to make sure we appear as to other people.

When people pick up on this, it leaves you wide open to be disrespected.

When You Have It All And Are Still Insecure

Any listicle or pop culture psychologhy do-rag will tell you that the most physically attractive people are also the most insecure.

Similarly, many highly intelligent people are highly insecure about their intelligence. That insecurity drives them to forcefully display their IQ, whether passively or aggressively. They’ll also forcefully show off their intelligence in situations that don’t necessarily call for it. They’ll steer conversations toward what ‘they know,’ knowingly or unknowingly.

Lo and behold, now we have a ‘know-it-all’ among us. Now, no one likes a know-it-all.

You may think you’re a misunderstood genius. Though, you’re just being misunderstood.

Here are some clear signs that are a clear indication that a person is insecure and how they will disrespect you:

They always disagree

Someone who is insecure always points out flaws in other people’s opinions by showing how smart they are.

They won’t maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is essential for nonverbal communication but the person who is insecure is unable to do that. They fear transparency. They don’t want the other person to read their emotions.

They belittle the success of another person

They are often intimidated by the success of another person and hence they attempt to belittle and diminish that success in whatever way they can.

They encourage others to quit

Every time you come across a bump in your journey, an insecure person will encourage you to give up. They don’t want you to succeed or achieve your goals because they cannot bear to see anyone above them.

They enjoy the struggles of others

Schadenfreude Central, anyone? An insecure person is greatly satisfied whenever he sees others experience disappointments. They secretly hope that with every fall the other person goes further down into failure.

They delve into your past

An insecure person will leave no stone unturned to search a moment in time where you made a mistake or you were less than perfect. They will not let you see your achievements. The more you cling on your past, the harder it will be to move on and that’s exactly what an insecure person wants. So, you will constantly find them reminding you of your mistakes.

They will not admit defeat

Whenever a good winner wins, they don’t hesitate in saying it was a good game. But when an insecure person wins, they are just trying to cover up their past losses, attempting to clear all doubts others have about their abilities.

They mock and disrespect others

A person who is insecure about his own financial security will ridicule the ones living in poverty, a physically attractive person may mock an average-looking person and so the cesspool of disrespect flows.

You will never feel comfortable around insecure people, because they constantly look for ways to bring others down and lift themselves up.

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