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High impact roles with a steep learning curve. Be a part of a global team spread across 8 countries and 25 cities.   Transform the way Indian millennials consume the news.
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You will love it here.

Interact with a talented, diverse group of over 225 individuals from across the world.

You will learn fast, work hard and have the time of your life. Apply today.


Receive advice from senior members of the team with industry experience. We want you to succeed both within and outside Qrius.


Each role comes with a steep learning curve. The skills you learn here will directly help you with your professional career.


With 600+ contributors from 30 countries, 5,000+ alumni and over 225 team members, you will develop an unparalleled network 


It’s not all about work here at Qrius. Over 15 informal e communities exist to enable you to relax and make friends with co-workers from all over.


All roles offer a leadership track, enabling you to gain valuable experience that moves your professional career forward. Become a leader today.


As a part of an early stage startup, you have an opportunity to create massive impact. You can move the organisation forward with you work.



Analyst, Marketing
Marketing Analysts at Qrius will have a intense 4 week internship that will give them exposure to both the theoretical and practical aspects of marketing. There are three primary aspects to the internship:

      • Consulting Thesis – Analysts will be given a marketing subject area relevant to Qrius to deep dive into and provide insights. The best insights will be considered for implementation. The thesis is structured to provide learning opportunities to analysts.
      • Marketing Learning Modules – Specialised learning modules created by our team are shared with Analysts to help them understand marketing theory
      • Peer to Peer Marketing – Apart from the focus on the theoretical aspect of marketing, Qrius also encourages analysts to go out in the real world and speak to people. A 360 degree marketing program that involves communicating about the brand, gathering feedback and being a passionate brand evangelist.
    • Qrius looks at the Marketing Analyst program as a way to identify individuals fit to join the team as Associates at the end of the 4 week internship period.
    • Application procedure: Fill in this application form: Application Form, Marketing Analyst Program. You will see different time periods to work in. Choose the one most relevant to you. If you are selected, you will hear from us 7 days before the Program begins.
  • Last date to apply: We recruit for this position through the year.

Work hours: These are defined by you. We do not have fixed work hours.

Analyst, Writing Program
As an analyst in the this program, you will choose to work in one of the seven topic areas we cover (Business, Economics, Culture, Policy, Politics, Technology and Foreign Affairs). You will have the option of changing your category after 3 months. The Writing Program is a fantastic opportunity for you to build a body of published work that can build your professional profile. Your writing will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of readers across the world, giving you unprecedented reach. Writing for Qrius is a unique opportunity that will add tremendous value to you. You are expected to write two articles each week. They are of the following two types:

  1. Morning Edition Article on short notice: This a 500-700 word article that explains the most important news story of the day. You will generally receive the topic for this by 12 pm on a weekday and are expected to submit the article to the Editorial team by 9 pm the same day. You are expected to do this on any one week day. The topic for this article will be decided by your editor.
  2. Evening Edition Article on a week’s notice: The second article you are expected to submit will generally have a week’s notice, and will be a longer article that goes deeper into a subject. The topic will be decided by you and your editor after a discussion.

Application procedure: Send in 3 writing samples to [email protected]

Analyst, Human Capital
We are looking for exceptional students seeking high impact leadership experience. The role involves being a part of the elite Human Capital team at Qrius that seeks to attract the world’s best talent to work on our mission to spread knowledge and insights. 

  • As an Analyst in the program, you will be given the opportunity to interact with dozens of colleges, placement cells and professionals. 
  • Analysts get an opportunity to expand their network significantly by interacting with larger groups of professionals from across the world as a part of their role.
  • It is also an opportunity to understand the basics of human resource recruitment, a valuable skill that can potentially boost your own career.

Application procedure: Send in your CV to [email protected].


Associate, Strategic Initiatives
We are looking for exceptional individuals seeking to gain high impact leadership experience. The Strategic Initiatives role is an outward facing role that invovles interacting with global universities, think-tanks and corporations to strike partnerships. Previous members involved in the role have had the opportunity to strike partnerships with the World Economic Forum and the Harvard Economics Review among others.

Application Procedure: Send your CV to [email protected]

Associate, Category Management
Category Managers own one of the seven categories that Qrius publishes in. As such, it is among our most elite leadership roles. It allows you to shape the narrative of the magazine by choosing the subjects that Qrius will cover. 

You will be responsible for curating story ideas, managing the writers in your category and proposing innovations in your category to help produce high quality content.

The role is right for someone who loves reading, and is passionate about producing articles that add tremendous value to readers.

Application procedure: Send your CV to [email protected] 

Associate, Community Engagement

A media brand is built around its community. If you love reading intelligent articles and sharing your views and comments on these articles, this role is perfect for you.

The role involves encouraging community creation around Qrius articles by working with other members of the community engagement team on engagement mechanisms.

This can include initiating debates and comments on articles at Qrius, creating communities on other digital platforms and getting more of your peer group involved with articles at Qrius.

We are looking for intelligent individuals who love reading articles and who love engaging in online debates on subjects they care deeply about.

Application procedure: Send in your CV to [email protected].


Transfer Program
All members at Qrius can apply for transfers to other teams in the organisation, enabling them to get experience across the spectrum of activities the organisation is engaged in.
Individuals from across the world regardless of age, nationality and educational criteria are welcome to apply. We encourage all individuals to apply.
All positions are digital in nature. Therefore, you can work from any location.
Career Progression
In general, individuals meeting expectations are promoted once in 3 months. High performers may be promoted once in 2 months. High performing Marketing Analysts are given the option of joining as Associates after their one month tenure.

Levels Marketing Analyst Program Associate Program Leadership Program Writing Program
1 Analyst Associate
2 Senior Associate I
3 Senior Associate II
4 Senior Associate III Junior Team Lead Analyst
5 Expert Team Lead Senior Analyst
6 Senior Expert Senior Team Lead Associate
7 Principal Divisional Head Editor
8 Vice President Senior Editor
9 Advisory Board
Certificates & Recommendations
Qrius provides a Certificate of Experience to all individuals that have completed the minimum tenure of their positions. The minimum tenure is 6 months for the Editorial and Writing Program and 1 month for the Marketing Analyst program. Qrius also provides detailed recommendations to all high performing individuals that have completed 6 months in the organisation. TIE recommendations have assisted our alumni get admission to Harvard, Yale, Columbia and University of Chicago among others. Recommendation certificates are provided to high performing Analysts in the Marketing Program.
Qrius is largely a volunteer driven organisation. All positions at Qrius are pro-bono (unpaid).

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